Everyone Hates McMansions, But You Should LOVE Them in Cities Skylines!

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Mississipatea is back McMansions galore!!! Enjoy! 🙂
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  1. 32:05 Right of the screen. Can you turn right when you come out from the tunnel? Saw that you did your 'Hugos' but the arrow point straight. Worth checking out so you will get traffic down there

  2. At 4:25 you have only one lane straight on into two lanes downstream on a main arterial. Better to have the left lane also a straight on. Lane mathematics applies to junctions too.

  3. McMansions. Upper middle class cookie cutter homes that were slapped together with prefabbed components like a Whopper but sold at the value of a custom gourmet burger with fresh NGO products…largely because of the neighborhood. A lot of wasted space to make it bigger then it needs to be.

    Oh and for American style roads. One we don't use divided roads that much. They are just to expensive to build and maintain. They are usually only put in places with higher speeds and/or there is a need to keep people from left turning in the middle of the block into oncoming heavy traffic. Most of medians are concrete, with maybe some areas having the wider section being grass or trees (but the smaller turn road section always is concrete). Unfortunately the only mod that has a sizable collection of American style concrete divided roads hasn't been maintained in quite a while. Hopefully BIG Roads will eventually get some more concrete divides. Dividers aren't common. Grassy/tree divides even rarer.

    Also a 2 lane at intersection will usually be 3 lanes for dedicated left turn, however… we can turn on red unless otherwise marked not to. As such the farthest right lane is either both straight and right turn, or a 4th lane is added for a dedicated right turn. they don't run a 2 lane road then force everyone going straight into 1 lane at every intersection. It's two lanes through the entire road. It's only certain high traffic areas that get a separate dedicated turn lane (ei, 4 lanes from 2) because we can turn right on red, so cars dont block through traffic.

    TMPE has an option in settings for right turn on red.

    And as other's have mentioned, most residential roads don't have markings. Those are usually done on any street considered a through/collector, or a commercial area (pretty much any kind of high traffic area). So you maybe have one or two roads running through the middle of a residential area that's marked up, because it's either a collector or a through road, but the side streets don't.

  4. People who reside in McMansions will NEVER use buses (other than school buses for their kids). They might use metro (although it depends on the city). Parks and recreational facilities, however, would be highly desired.

  5. As McMansions are total non sense, like the state of New York in the US with some city names taken from cities all over europe, that new zone can be called New Yorkshire

  6. For most medium density roads (at least in California) there usually isn’t a dedicated RIGHT turn lane, and unless in is a major junction will generally have 1-2 left turn lanes. – (while major intersections have way more left turn lanes)

  7. Do Europeans think that those are what mansions look like in the US? Lol – those are normal suburban homes in newly built areas, plus mansions (at least the area that I live) are in gated community’s with huge lawns and are in more secluded areas. (Side note: those pillars that you are talking about do actually have a purpose- that being holding up the roof that over hangs the porch.)

  8. Pedestrians can't cross that pedestrian bridge without walking all the way to the intersection, crossing, then walk all the way back up again. You connected it to the wrong road. It should be connected to the main road, not the side streets.

  9. always love your videos, but this one goes back old style, no plopping in stuff, just almost vnilla building. realy realy realy love this episode

  10. In my area (Redmond, WA) a lot of those houses would be considered normal looking, somewhat older homes. The McMansions usually have those two story brick arches on the front and other ridiculous and utterly useless bits along the same lines.

  11. Kind of disappointed that you cut out basically all of your interchange construction, because there are a lot of videos where somebody builds an interchange under ideal conditions with a perfectly flat, large expanse, and very few that really get into site-specific concerns like working with the landscape and connecting roadways that aren't exactly perpendicular.

  12. I would suggest to call the suburb "ceylon riverside". I would call it like that, since its right by the river. And ceylon tea is a tea sort. So its tea related and fits to the location of the suburb…

  13. Did not recognize the thumbnail as a Biffa video at first and scrolled passed it the first few times because I thought it was random content YouTube was trying to push. Glad to be here

  14. McMansions. Pfft. I scoff. Those are just standard American suburban homes. I live in a neighborhood full of them, and we're all middle-class. McMansions are significantly larger than those, cost well over $1 million (although standard suburban homes are approaching that price tag), usually on acreage, with narrow, winding roads, no public transport and no nearby shopping. They are exclusive, frequently gated, always have an HOA (Home Owners Association) regulating the properties, sometimes utilize private security firms, rather than municipal police services, and have private pools and tennis courts (although we have some of those here in the regular 'burbs).

  15. I use the term McMansion when a modest size house was razed then a house twice if not three times the original size is squeezed into the existing property. Say goodbye to your yard. Sorry Biffa, I meant "garden". lol peace. love your videos!

  16. If I get pulled over for running a stop sign I will just blame the low traffic logic setting. If the cop watches your video he will die of laughter. If not I will be committed.
    Perhaps I have changed my own mind.

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