Lion | Mother Lion trying to save Her Cub | Animal Rescues #ST. SOME

Lion | Mother Lion trying to save Her Cub | Animal Rescues #ST. SOME
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Lion | Mother Lion trying to save Her Cub | Animal Rescues #ST. SOME

Hello and welcome to ST. SOME where we show you lots of awesome and interesting things!
ST. SOME brings you heart-stopping moments of animal rescue heroes. Sweet images and beautiful meanings. Animals are very friendly and need our protection.

No 1. The deer almost died in the mud
No 2. The mother lion and her cub fell into the abyss
No 3. Angry emperor penguin
No 4. Zebra defeats lion to rescue cubs
No 5. The dog rescue you in the middle of the whirlpool

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  1. How do you see my video, please give me your comments and suggestions so that I can improve and add to the next video, thank you for your comments to improve the channel.

  2. Mother's love is indescribable. It's great when the mother zebra, fighting with the lion. I shivered all over. May peace come to you. I am touched by these kind of rescues. thank you for sharing.

  3. Mother-child love is sacred. It's great that the mother lion saves her cubs. touch my heart. Praying for peace to come to him. I love watching these kind of rescues. thank you for sharing.

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