Trail Cam Captures What No One Was Supposed to See

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Driver Captures What No One Was Supposed to See. A lot happens when we go out driving .. From scattering cash to ghost ladies, from raining fire to
mysterious creatures, here are the things caught by drivers that no one was supposed to see otherwise..

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  1. This channel sucks you don't play the videos with sound and the whole video. I've seen a lot of them like the first video with the witch you have to see the whole video and hear the fear in the mans voice and you can hear the witch. And slenderman is someone on stilts

  2. Why did you put two different clips together to make a story im talking about the nun with the skeleton and you put a clip of a ghost walking through the graveyard anyone reading this should find that clip it's faf because two African Americans are smoking pot when they see this out of the window and they start yelling at it thinking it's a person. And because they are stoned its very funny indeed because you can tell they are worried but also stoned so they say some funny things whilst they are yelling at the Ghost nun.

  3. Some of these are hilariously bad. The woman in red is probably just a woman in red. I wear red, does that make me a monster? And the people in suits by the road at night is a Monty python sketch I believe. Lol

  4. Ghost Lady was a complete hoax. Slender man another hoax. Saucer was photoshopped. Scary mob…ROFLMAO… just a bunch of protesters. Bridge climber perhaps some animal like a gorilla or just faked video footage. Oh no, not another driving on an empty road hoax.. boring! Police dash cam footage was faked. She was standing behind the fire! Didn't waste my time watching any of the other fake videos. Can I have a refund on that wasted 5 mins of my life?

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