Escaped Boxer Dog Found Exhausted And Miles From Home | Animal Rescue | Pets & Vets

Escaped Boxer Dog Found Exhausted And Miles From Home | Animal Rescue | Pets & Vets
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Found collapsed under a tree, this exhausted boxer dog got scared and ran for miles until he couldn’t go any further. With wounds on his paws from running on the roads, will he be found by his owners without his microchip?

From wounded pelicans to horses in jeopardy, Australia’s RSPCA are here to do everything they can to save the day. With amazing stories of bravery, empathy and courage, Animal Rescue is is unlike anything you’ve seen.

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  1. There is NO possible way he “ran” so much it caused the paw pads to be that messed up. The whole toe pads were falling off.! He deserves a full inquiry on how he actually received those injuries.! Also the boxer be tied up on a thin shitty rope is disgusting. Do not tie your dogs up so many negative outcome can come from a rope being attached to them. Absolutely NO excuses. If you’re not capable of taking care of a high energy dog don’t get one ! SHAME ON THEM.

  2. That poor dog has torn foot pads, don't be lazy, pick-up that poor dog and put him gently in your vehicle. Such a bit@? forcing that poor dog to walk on his torn feet!!!

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