Free PSIR Crash Course For Mains 2022|| Lec 10|| Nature of Comparative Politics, Political Parties

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 Index
04:05 Discuss the subject matter of comparative politics. Outline the limitations of comparative political analysis. (10)
22:54 Political Parties & Pressure groups are the sine qua non of democracy. Comment (10)
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  1. Great content quality Ma'am! 👏
    But I have a doubt – Is lobbying really illegal in Indian political process, as we have electoral bonds (corporates are largest donors) and foreign contributions to political parties (exemptions in Finance Act, 2018)?

  2. 7:22 A slight correction Ma'am, the name of the scholar is Jean Blondel.
    24:38 A slight correction Ma'am, the name of the scholar is Otto Von Kirchheimer
    38:56 A slight correction Ma'am, the name of the scholars are: Piero Ignazi, Russell Dalton.

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