Rescue Puppy Who Keeps Getting Returned Finds Someone Who Understands Him | The Dodo

Rescue Puppy Who Keeps Getting Returned Finds Someone Who Understands Him | The Dodo
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This rescue puppy from Puerto Rico kept getting returned again and again — until he found someone who wouldn’t give up on him.

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  1. I think bean is like my dog, he is just a ball of energy and destruction, I suggest getting one like hard toy that he can chew on and not break, my dog has a shelf of toys he broke after a day of gettin got, but he stills plays with them, if you wanna tire bean out, just play fetch and offer water

  2. Needed to hear that things will eventually work out. That's a heart warming video. Hope Bean has found his happiness forever 💕

  3. He and his girlfriend and so calm towards this dog, he was definitely stressed that they would return him again so it’s great to see how calm they are towards this cutie

  4. Bean appears to be a high energy dog who needs a job or lots of activities, this is why they get into stuff to keep them busy while your out. Easy fix here!! Thank you for helping him. It seems once he got out in the country with a Family he had lots to get him busy and active. God Bless you all.🙏💞🌻

  5. I also own a spastic black lab mix. I know how rough it could be training. But you're right it works out for the best in the end. I'm so happy you adopted him and gave him such a great home. He seems so loved and well taken care of. Great job!!

  6. I agree with other comments 1 he was meant for you. And 2 the other people were not expecting a chew terror and did not know how to move forward with that. My dog would always chew MY shoes. No one else’s till she was almost two. She still will grab them once in a while but doesn’t chew them. And also she had very little bladder control. She came to us when she was 6-7 months old. She stayed in the kitchen till she knew how to operate the doggy door. Then stayed at night till she learned what it felt like to have a full bladder. This happened on accident when I gave her a bath one time. I took her out to dry her and she started to piddle. So I carried her outside. She wanted in but I kept telling her to go potty. Twice pee shot out and she freaked out like she had no idea where it came from. Needless to say her situation became better after that. I know she was beat cuz my husband and anyone with facial hair scared the crap out of her. Lucky he is a dog lover. It took about a year for her to become fully comfortable with him. Now she weasels into his lap for love and affection. Also teaching her to come was a process. We were in the backyard and I said come here. She looked at me with a paranoid look and ran off. I followed her calmly around the yard and into the house. She was “cornered “

  7. Good grief. Don’t the people taking a puppy realize they are lovable balls of energy. The key word being “puppy”. They kept returning Abe because they didn’t have the patience or what to take the time to work with. So happy he has loving forever home ❤️❤️

  8. This is a beautiful story. But just one point, not "had" to leave, "got" to leave. I'm glad you were fortunate enough to be able to leave and seek shelter in a place that was safer for you. But many of us didn't have that option.

    Thankful that you were able to help Bean find his forever home


  10. seems to me like he's going through a typical puppy stage and yes that is such a destructive part of owning a dog but you got to take the good with the bad I'm so glad that he got to go to your home

  11. There s nothing wrong with bean. He probably has a working dog bloodline. Those types can be destructive if not given the proper time to run and play outside.

  12. Bean IS a 'working dog' . He will thrive in an environment where he has a task..all day..every day. He needs a treadmill or to be ran a few x's a day. Very energetic type. He 's a beautiful dog. Ya'll are awesome for helping him!

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