Countering Dungeon Chads For HUGE LOOT – The Cycle High MMR PVP

Countering Dungeon Chads For HUGE LOOT - The Cycle High MMR PVP
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Yo bois, IF you are reading this then i am probably live on Twitch. Come swing by after the video and get some drops

DISCORD: – Know when im gamin with subs!

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  1. Yesssssssssirrrrrr. I swear I look forward to seeing your vids bro. Just something about them. It’s funny, good pvp, and kinda relaxing. Keep it going!

  2. your friend was wrong about the blue stims btw, they are NOT 6k, they are 4,600 compared to 3k for green stims. They are very worth it IMO

  3. Yeah I kinda hated how my progression was going slow, now I see I can just slap these kids for their guns Hahaa

  4. pretty solid gameplay bro, good content! def subbing! lovin the content and enjoying the game so far (except cheaters on this map)

  5. Not gonna lie but the brute for some reason looks like its doing less dmg than it should, 1 mag on a white guy and he's still kicking? Mental.

  6. Amazing content as always, also agree with what you said at the end about cheaters, I have been grinding this game since release and have came across 2 cheaters tops but maybe I'm just lucky lol

  7. I like ur videos but the voice you make when u talk over voip makes me cringe so much.. like just rather use your normal voice its so much likable then the one "force"

  8. Bruh the game just came out and then being this good really scares me…. Looks like a few tarkov players

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