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Every time we rescue a small sick puppy we received letters from people that try to convince us to give up before we even try. Those people always seem to be guided by a strange set of beliefs.



If you not only care about animals, if you want to make a difference in the life of the orphaned kids of Ethiopia, PLEASE JOIN AMBESSA ON PATREON:


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About the Author: Viktor Larkhill


  1. la religione non c'entra nulla.. non si vogliono impegnare.. solo questo.. e' piu' comodo cosi..
    ma non e' giusto.. fino all'ultimo ci si deve provare..
    e poi quanti successi hai avuto nella vita.. tantissimi..
    vai avanti e stai sereno.. e riposati

  2. These people would bust if they saw the cases they give a chance to at a rescue in India. Street dogs with half their face devoured by maggots….. And today these same dogs are playing and running.

  3. I disagree with one point-Jesus had the ultimate compassion on humanity. None of us are free from sin. Animals are a part of His creation. We need to be better managers of God's world. I would agree to give the animal the second and maybe even the third chance especially in cruelty situations. It's not their fault they were the victim of that abuse. The only way I would suggest euthanasia is when there is no quality of life and veterinary staff tell you that they have done all they can(ie, cancer). Better yet, just let the animal pass with dignity and at peace at home.

  4. You do wonderful work Victor. I love animals to bits. But I hope you believe in God as we exist because God made everything and it is our responsibility to look after all that God has put in our care both people and animals. My dog Jasmine is spoiled to bits and she is well looked after. She is taken to the Vet regularly. I wish I could do the wonderful work that you do. God is love and without Him in our lives we are nothing. God bless you.

  5. All of you are doing a great job. People who are not animal lovers will not know how to value them. Animals are special gift from GOD and it is our responsibility to help them to survive. Sharing with them our shelter, food and etc will not reduce our blessings !

  6. Viktor the thing that separates you from other vets is your faith and compassion .You give 110 % determination to give these abused animals a second chance .

  7. God Bless You Viktor for what you do. You are such a blessing to the animals you help. I love what you do. And I love you for what you do. Please Keep Doing It! Don't ever stop. And don't let the Stupidity of others stop you. You are a Good Man Viktor.
    Much love from me. Hugs Viktor.

  8. Thank you Viktor for your words
    Is so true now is the time to help the animals who needs us!
    There's a better tomorrow if we try to make a better today and animal rescue has to be sometimes painful but we have to have the will to do whatever we can to help them survive never give up never surrounded we are behind you and your team 100%
    You are giving them another chance at a better life!
    Lots of affection and respect for you and your wonderful team!
    Love you my friend
    Remember that we are loved!!

  9. I am a Christian and I know once we accept God he never leaves us. I don't condemn you because I know that God has his plan for us. We don't know what it is until he chooses to reveal it. I am an animal rescuer also. I have been ridiculed for saving them. I often hear about all the children who could use my help and I need to refocus on them. I don't know what coming for me but I know that I have a gift from the Holy spirit of compassion,and the desire to help every living thing. It doesn't matter to me what others think. You are a beautiful person. You do the rescues with compassion animal's and human's. Some people don't have any more compassion for human's than the animal's that walk the streets homeless. Thank you for all that you and your team do. I sure am glad you are. I know that all fight till last breath. God bless you

  10. Victor, believe in Angels, because you are one. You and all the people who help in your animal rescue. Keep doing what you do. The world needs you and more like you.

  11. True the now is the now all is in this now. The best is to live now. U do your best now the now is where u learn unconditional love & compassion. The animal kingdom need your help now Thank you big V … U R love in Action now ……. now u r bless.🌹🐝👊🕉🐕🐾🐕🐾🐕🐾💜💛🕴👣🐕🐾🙏🕯🤗

  12. Man made religion is a bad thing but Jesus alone is not…pope Francis is false prophet…soon cashless society..we all must be microchipped..the anti Christ will come.. don't blame all for the acts of a few..these people who say kill animals have no soul.

  13. Yes, every living creature deserves a chance at this life. I am a Christian and do believe in a Heaven, but these animals have a purpose on this Earth, just like we do! You are doing a fantastic job with these dear animals. Thank you Viktor!

  14. I 100% agree with you, every life matters. Ignore those heartless people's comments. Thanks for saving and protecting voiceless animals 👍🙏

  15. All your people, the veterinarians, the staff have got to be Angel's! Above all, your the head Angel, leading the rest of the Angel's to care for all the dog's people discarded like trash!! 👼

  16. When the goin gets tough the tough get goin! That's what I kept reminding myself when my German Shepherd dog Gia was found to have degenerative myelopathy at the age of 10. I was told that most dogs are put to sleep within 6 months of finding out they have DM. I read everything there was to read on the internet about it. There was no cure. I live on Long Island but found a doctor in Florida that sold some medicine that might slow it's progression,,,maybe. I wanna say his name is dr. Clemmens this was back in 2012. I couldn't walk her on the street anymore because her hind feet were knuckling over and getting scraped up. So I walked her around my house on the grass as often as I could. After about 7 months she couldn't walk anymore. Her spirit was good and she still had her companion Duke with her all day while I was at work. My sister was kind enough to pay for a wheel chair for her but Gia hated it. I carried her when it was time to eat and drink, to got to the bathroom, to play with Duke take car rides, and whatever else. Gia was 90 pounds and my back has never been the same. As time went by the DM traveled up her body affecting her organs. She couldn't hold her urine anymore. I taped wee wee pads all over the floor of my house because when she signaled me she had to go to the bathroom and I picked her up, the pressure on her bladder made her pee right then and there. Wee wee pads worked great!! Just used a scissors to cut out the wet spot and tape a new one on. Done. Throughout this time close friends and family would ask me when am I going to put her down, I would tell them that I'm in no hurry. I would tell them that when her life is over it's over, there's no coming back, so I'll do it when it's time and not a second sooner.. she'll let me know. After a while it got to the point when we had a really hard week and Gia told me that it was time. I made an appointment to take her to the vet at 4pm the next day. My baby girl died in my arms the next morning in the comfort of her own home on her favorite spot on the couch. I buried her in my backyard. Gia lived 22 months after her diagnosis, that almost 2 years which in dog years is around 14 years. Gia was 12 years and 6 days old. Gia was a strong healthy dog and tough as nails her whole life. Although her last years weren't the best of her life at least she got to live them. Never give up, When the going gets tough the tough get going. Viktor your doin wonderful work I salute you. Just so you know I am a follower of the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God bless you.

  17. Victor, on this earth we have to do whatever we can to help people AND animals! That is the duty of every Christian! And I am very sure that on Judgementday the Lord will ask: 'what did you do to help the weakest of My creation: MY animals?' Because He says in the Bible: "Mine is all the silver and the gold and the cattle on thousand mountains'. We humans are NOT the owners of this world, HE is! And He will judge every single person!

  18. Viktor, people are so quick to criticize. I love what you do. You have a heart the size of Texas. Keep on keepin on. I know you are VERY COMPASSIONATE.

  19. Religious what a load of 130L0X. (BOLOX) you know I work in human medicine. If all the ‘send them to a better life’ idiots were in the emergency room. You want me to say sorry I’m just going to give you a little injection. You will go to a much better place. You have terminal dandruff life will be so much better in a better place. DONT. I’m so angry you have no idea. I just listened to the simpleton who stated she has 300 rescue animals. Woman needs help. Psychiatric help. Grrrrr sorry dogs. Just show me how to bite !

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