मगरमच्छ चीते को जिन्दा निगल गया | Best Animal Fight VIdeos | Animals fight | crocodile attack

मगरमच्छ चीते को जिन्दा निगल गया | Best Animal Fight VIdeos | Animals fight | crocodile attack
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मगरमच्छ के सबसे खतरनाक हमले | मगरमच्छ का हमला इतना खतरनाक क्यों है? | मगरमच्छ का इतना खतरनाक हमला नहीं देखा होगा | मगरमच्छ का हमला आदमी पर

Most dangerous attacks by crocodile | | Why is crocodile attack so dangerous? | Most dangerous crocodile attacks | Crocodile attack people
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क्या आपने कभी मगरमच्छ के सबसे खतरनाक हमले को देखा है? क्या आप जानते हैं कि मगरमच्छ का हमला इतना खतरनाक क्यों है? क्या आपने कभी मगरमच्छ का हमला आदमी पर देखा है? हम आपके लिए लेकर आए हैं ऐसे वीडियो जिसमें आप देखेंगे मगरमच्छ के खतरनाक हमले जिनको आपने कभी नहीं देखा होगा।

Do you ever see the most dangerous attacks by crocodiles? Do you know Why crocodile attacks are so dangerous? Or have you ever seen Crocodile attack people? Maybe not that’s why we have bought a video of the most dangerous crocodile attacks. So, watch this interesting video till the end.

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Why crocodile attack is so dangerous
Most dangerous attacks by Crocodile
Crocodile attack on people caught on camera
Crocodile vs zebra- incredible feeding behavior
Crocodile eats buffalo for dinner
Crocodile fight with Impala
Crocodile battle with cheetah

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Crocodiles are powerful apex predators, but it doesn’t mean they always come out on top. Some animals give them a run for their money and sometimes even defeat them. Sometimes they’re just having a bad day and things don’t go as expected. Do you think crocodiles are always successful when they hunt otters? What about big cats? Let’s find out together as we countdown 15 times crocodiles and alligators messed with the wrong opponent.


A troop of baboons can challenge even a big cat if they organize themselves but, in the water, against a crocodile, I don’t know how well they would fair. The attachment between a mother and her newborn baboon is quite profound, and they have a daily pattern that is like ours. Baboons are highly adaptable creatures that can be found in a wide range of settings in Central Africa. In this video, a smaller crocodile has snatched a baby baboon, but its mother jumps the crocodile and doesn’t give up until the crocodile lets the baby go which it eventually does, but the damage is already done. The mother baboon walks away with its baby in its arms, mourning its death. You can see in this video what I mean when I say a troop of baboons can manage to defeat a smaller crocodile.

Wild Boar

Wild boars are powerful animals that can move quickly. In the event of an attack, adult males’ canines may cause severe injuries. However, when going up against a crocodile, the odds are against the wild boar. The crocodile is just too powerful, especially if the confrontation takes place in the water. In our first clip, this crocodile gets out of the water and sneaks up on some baby hogs. It looks like it’s going to be a cakewalk for the crocodile, but the entire family comes to the rescue and prevents the crocodile from approaching the youngsters. In this next clip, a bunch of wild hogs is in the water and an alligator approaches them.

The humans are throwing food close to the alligator as if they want one of the hogs to be ambushed by the alligator. A seriously deranged bunch of humans if you ask me. What had to happen, happens and the alligator attacks the hog, leaving it no chance. I don’t think wild pigs have a chance in hell against a crocodile or alligator attack when they’re in the water. Finally, this warthog pulls a few dances moves a la “James Brown” and manages to escape the grip of this mighty crocodile

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