Video Shows China Plane Nosedive Before Crash

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A China Eastern Airlines passenger jet carrying 132 people crashed in Guangxi, southern China on March 21st 2022. Videos captured the crash and the aftermath.

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Video Shows The Moment China Plane Crashed Into Mountains


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  1. Wow that crash was close to my hometown in Guangzhou. So scary, my grandparents live in Guangzhou. It would be scary if the crash was near a city. Rip to 132 people 🙏🏻 😞 😢

  2. I can't even imagine of it…. Like such people are going peacefully to meet their family or for their future plans and such an unexpected heart-wrenching tragedy happened….. Like all of a sudden….. these systems needs to be improved

  3. I always think about what the last minutes must have been like for the people inside. RIP to all those onboard and condolences to their families.

  4. Terrible death ,my condolences to their loved one ,I had a flight next two week I hope everything will be ok after watched this sht just make me wanted to cancel

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