Leopard vs Hyena Attack and Eat Warthog Alive – Animal Fighting | ATP Earth

Leopard vs Hyena Attack and Eat Warthog Alive - Animal Fighting | ATP Earth
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Leopard vs Hyena Attack and Eat Warthog Alive – Animal Fighting | ATP Earth
In the world of wildlife, when the harshness of the environment and the scarcity of food become more and more serious, the animals face many difficulties in hunting and finding their own life. And from there, the tricks and cunningness appeared that gave rise to many life-and-death battles.

01:01 fighting moment
02:56 leopard hunts and the one who benefits is the hyena
04:11 leopards attack warthog, hyenas come to rob
05:18 wild dogs attack leopard
06:42 Wild dog steals leopard’s prey but is snatched back by hyena
08:25 Lions compete for food from leopards
10:14 lion kills leopard

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  1. Hyenas need to starve they never want to hunt leopard hunt lion hunts cheetah hunt all hyenas want to do is scavenge
    love wild dogs they do hunt family orientated social creatures love the way the leopard got his food back

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