5 Powerful Earthquakes Caught On Camera | REACTION

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5 Powerful Earthquakes Caught On Camera | REACTION



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  1. I was in Haiti at home when the earthquake happened and its a fact that the Clinton Foundation stole millions from the “30m for the aid projects in Haiti”. Aslo can you believe we are in 2022 and Haiti still owes a debt to France for gaining independence!!!! WTF. In other words Haiti STILL, to this day, owes a debt to compensate France for its loss of slaves and slave colony. Let that sink in…

  2. I survived Haiti’s 2010 earthquake , its was only 35s and it did around 250 to 300 thousands death ! But it was a simple earthquake and all of that was for a reason !

  3. Let me tell you something I can't watch all your videos even if it's scary or not 😂 I swear you always had me cracking up in all of them lol they can be serious videos and you still have me dying 🤣

  4. You so right Dre the USA have a lot of people suffering here but who cares the USA is always in everybody else busy instead of fixing there own here period

  5. I definitely agree , not saying we shouldn’t help the ones that’s in need in other countries. But why can’t we provide money like that for the US . I know we can , there are many problems just in the US need to be taken care of

  6. Dre why you look do tired. Never seen bags under your eyes till this video. I hope your getting enough rest… your videos are helping me recover from foot surgery, I can't leave my bed, only to go to the bathroom or the doctors office 😅

  7. Loma Prieta in 1989 wasn't as bad as the one in 1906 but still had me afraid to cross the bay bridge for years, being a native of the bay is nerve wracking because quakes can happen anytime of day/night

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