Dumbest Criminals: Jan-March 2022 (Crimes Of The Week Compilation)

Dumbest Criminals: Jan-March 2022 (Crimes Of The Week Compilation)
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If you’re a regular viewer of our Crimes of the Week series, then you’re probably aware that last year we released a couple compilations of some of the dumbest criminals and crime stories that we’d covered in 2021. Many of you told us you got a real kick out of these compilations, so we decided that this year we would try and do these videos quarterly so that we could include as many of these bizarre and entertaining cases as possible. As hard it is to believe, we’re already near the end of April, so that means that this week we’ll be taking a look at January to March of this year.

One thing to keep in mind is that these segments have not been edited since they appeared in their respective lists, so references to specific days of the week as well as other small details may no longer apply. If you like this video, be sure to stay tuned for another one covering the international edition of our show at the end of this week. If you’re missing regular Crimes of the Week though, don’t worry, we’ll be back next week with another video covering all new stories. With that out of the way, let’s get to the video.

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  1. no the eye of the tiger isn't the most dangerous thing you'll see in your life… that paw coming down on your face and wrapping around your neck while the tiger latches his teeth onto your throat beats that by a mile

  2. In the UK a burglar targeted the offices of a law firm when it had closed for a Bank Holiday of four days.

    He attempted to gain entry via the chimney but became wedged so tight that he couldn't get any further in either direction.

    Shortly after returning to work staff began to notice a bad smell which only got worse over time.

    Contractors brought in by the firm opened the sealed up fireplace where they discovered the remains of the burglar caught in the chimney.

  3. Okay trespassing in a target and the way they did that was dumb but 7 years seems excessive for spending the night in a store if they didn't damage anything right?

  4. Well, but if they gave her the chicken , and she refused to pay, they would call the cops. I guess the customer should have the same option. Yeah, it is petty, but then so is not paying for your chicken being considered a police matter.

  5. Matthew Abraham is a future Darwin Awardee..
    Also, question🤔 he is a University/College Student??
    My, the University has low admittance standards, judging by Matthew Abraham…sad, so saddd…

  6. Hang on…?!? Did she actually get robbed, report it to the store manager…and was then IGNORED?!? Turn it around to a store who loses a bag of potato chips (I'm from the UK.. colloquialism approved?) ….she would have been taken in for stealing! Why is this different?!?

  7. I live two counties over from the story about the robber with the de-icer in Caldwell county NC.. never heard anything about it on the local news so thanks for the update..!! Keep on keepin on..!! Doing an awesome job .. and love your channel..!!

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