Top Crazy Fight Ending Moments | Bellator MMA

Top Crazy Fight Ending Moments  | Bellator MMA
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Fighting is rarely a predictable sport; expect unbelievable scenes and maximum carnage from Bellator’s most outrageous fight endings!

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  1. 0:12 – Devin Powell vs Marcus Surin
    0:59 – Michael McDonald vs Eduardo Dantas
    2:08 – Matt Mitrione vs Fedor Emelianenko
    3:01 – Charlie Ward vs John Redmond (The Conor McGregor moment)
    4:13 – Tyson Miller vs Albert Gonzalez
    5:31 – Matt Mitrione vs Sergei Kharitonov
    6:38 – Sergei Kharitonov vs Matt Mitrione
    9:02 – Albert Gonzalez vs Kastriot Xhema
    11:14 – Brent Primus vs Michael Chandler

    That’s it everyone, enjoy!

  2. what a geek loser that guy is acting like he ko'ed the other guy or did anything to make him break his leg..he didnt even check it he took it full on and his leg happen to break..acting like he put on some great performance

  3. I hate it when people celebrate a win that wasn’t really their doing. Kind of dishonorable. I get it, you are excited to have a win under your belt as a pro but come on man. The dude threw a kick at you and broke his own leg and you start boasting like you KO’d him. The guy with the shin bone in 2 pieces is in a lot of pain and probably shocked. Go show a little compassion and sportsmanship. Regardless of what your thoughts are on the man across from you.

  4. Dude didn't sign up to break guys' arms…. He wasn't too tired; he gave the guy the win to save his own conscience from having to further injure the dude…

  5. What a deplorable education the coaches give these fighters! In both Taekwondo and karate, if you injure the opponent, you kneel and show him respect, it is not celebrated like this. 😣😠😡 Minimal a little humanity

  6. The legs are the weakest parts of this type of boxing. many people who saw It is recommended to practice Muay Thai once to increase leg strength.

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