Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – April 29

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Russian missiles strike Kyiv as U.N. Secretary General Guterres visits the city, President Biden asks Congress to approve a $33 billion aid package for Ukraine, and Moderna asks the FDA to authorize its Covid vaccine for children under six. 

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  1. Help your country first, president Biden.Then if you can help other countries, Zelenskyy acts as if it's the United States fault Russia is attacking Ukrainian. A million dollar a day is what Ukraine president Zelenskyy is asking the United States for. Why want Zelenskyy ask other countries. Now Zelenskyy want the United States to help rebuild Ukraine. But no republican in the United States voted to pass a bill to help rebuild or help hurting families with inflation in the United States, all republicans do is blame president Biden, when it's republicans who are stalling to vote on president Biden bills.

  2. President Biden can send trillions of dollars to other country to help them get on their feet, but like republicans president Biden refuse to help all people with student loans, while the country suffer inflation and high gas.

  3. Dems are looking to lose the support of student loan holders.
    They my not be Republicans but they don't have to vote for a part that won't return the support.
    Big middle finger to the whole support the rich system!!!

  4. America is gone folks, democrats are flooding every state with aliens that don't speak our language, by the bus loads while we Americans sleep at night, they don't care how this topples the budget, the job market or anything, they know this is the ONLY CHANCE LEFT THEY HAVE TO REMAIN IN POWER, THEY NEED THEIR UP-COMING VOTES. And watch those same hacked into voting machines be used to steal the mid elections, since they stole the past election, you don't think for a moment do you that they are not going to steal all future elections? And to think that this country can have an elected president whose mind is failing him AND THERE ARE NO LAWS IN EFFECT THAT CAN BE ENFORCED TO REMOVE A N INDIVIDUAL OUT OF OFFICE WHEN THIS HAPPENS. The mentality of doctors is tested from time to time to protect the public good, why can't we do this with mentally failing presidents? Are congressmen and senators going to stand by and do NOTHING, as they see a president with a child's mind try to rule this nation?

  5. Its good to reflect on what happened in the past, but not by words but actions. Good actions. If you see all around America, majority of those lotting, robbing, shooting are by black teens. The black community needs to step up and educate their teens of what to do to make America better. Shooting other black, white, yellow whatever will never solve the problem. All must do good, forget and learn from the past. Move forward by doing GOOD DEEDS. More GOOD DEEDS and less bad doing. Some caucasians are being to act and think like black teens as a way to pay back but they are just increasing the anger and adding fuel to the fire that was meant to be put out. The fire of hatred and anger among Americans.

  6. And the banks are making money off these kids how disgusting this is what our government does no they should not have to pay those loans back

  7. This is not good at all, I hate you reporters… the world won’t be destroyed by the evil that’s in it, it’ll be destroyed by the people that won’t get up to do something…. You guys tell the news like it’s Christmas morning. This mega drought and everything else, It’s not funny one bit. Do you worms understand how many life’s are at risk? Like MOVE… it’s to late.. shouldn’t this stuff to change climate change been done before mankind…. Probably… my point exactly…

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