Mystery Flesh Pit National Park – 2007 Disaster Report

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  1. This thing being in Texas, if their power grid is anything to go off of, you know absolutely nothing was fixed and the management of the company probably got massive golden parachutes if anything even happened to them.

  2. I would venture to say that anywhere you find large crude oil deposits you would find one of these creatures. Oil may be their waste and is not in short supply. We already know that oil is not decaying dinosaurs.

  3. I think the worst part is that the humans invloved are the true monster then blame the organism waking up. Really shows some don’t like to take the blame and it’s the humans that wanted to make profit at fault here.

  4. For some reason I have the feeling that monsters really live in Yellowstone. I usually don’t believe in the sort of thing, but… I feel like an opening to the pit of a hell is in that place.

  5. Why would anyone feel badly for an evil creature that is being forced to keep its mouth open if it's mouth is that big or even a wound is that big imagine how large that being is underneath if it really wanted to stand up and devour everybody it would. But it just keeps getting fed stuff so just lay there. The whole world is a carcass y'all need to read the Bible

  6. No wonder we don't say anything about the other odd anomalies of Nature we encounter in the World. Because they would be exploited for Corporate Greed too… Ya think an Alien would like this treatment?

  7. What's really sad is that Corporate Greed was allowed to take over such an Organism that should have been researched, studied and researched some more. Instead they basically killed this innocent creature who was just minding its own business. It was exploited for Corporate Greed and wasn't Preserved in the manner that the Department of Interior or the Department of Agriculture should have protected it as they do with everything else that is of importance to our very existence and the creatures that live on their lands….

  8. This is something I knew I needed but never thought I'd find so quick: Basically an audiobook version of the 2007 disaster report. Thank you for this!

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