Crash Landing a PLANE in London – Teardown Mods Gameplay

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Crash Landing a PLANE in London – Teardown Mods Gameplay

A fire has broken out in an office building and I need to rescue the ragdolls inside. Luckily, I’ve installed a firefighter hose mod to tackle the flames. I then did some more plane crash scenarios in the Boeing 737 and ended up destroying a mini version of London. More Teardown destruction and sandbox games are on the way so make sure to like and subscribe!


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  2. Day 12 of asking fudgy to make a dragon with multiple plasma beam trex heads. Put the attack multiplyer to 500 on the trex heads and make the dragons multiplyer 100. Hp multiplyer should be 200. Then make it’s name “The Fire Beast.” Make it go up against anything you want. Also love your vids and keep up the good work!

  3. Please throw more Daves through more windows. Specifically Daves and specifically through windows. Save yourself, Dave, nobody else can.

    I hate Dave.

  4. one question, did you get a new editor? the editing style is a little different compared to the other older videos

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