Top 10 Celebrity Ghost Hauntings

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BOO! Don’t be scared, it’s just the ghost of that celebrity you love! Some of these celebrities did so well with their fame that they were given the opportunity to be a ghost and trick us living humans into thinking that they exist as spectral forms of their celebrity selves! So if you missed out on meeting the likes of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe or Orson Welles, perhaps you can schedule a meeting with their ghostly spirits?

00:43 #10. Orson Welles
01:34 #9. Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow
02:17 #8. Lon Chaney, Sr.
03:04 #7. Lucille Ball
03:44 #6. John Lennon
04:38 #5. Abraham Lincoln
05:28 #4. Al Capone
06:18 #3, #2. & #1. ????

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  1. I saw madonna in my room she was holding my bear my pretty bear bear she said something I have a ghost app she said hello and she said my name 😓

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  3. Just once i'd like to see a ghost hunter that doesn't crap there pants every time they hear a noise in the dark.
    Turn on the lights and see what made the noise.

  4. I know im late like 3 years late but i don't want to hear what they saw i want to see pictures i can say this and that but is it true i wanna see what they saw like a photo
    for all i know its just people trying to get famouse

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