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  1. I have three different mental conditions that have a direct effect on how I learn literally everything and I’m still smarter than all of these people…amazing

  2. thing about organs is kinda corect. not right bir close. apparently male organs have a higher chance of rejection in females. and vice versa

  3. Do the real kids have superpowers or battle monsters? I don't think anyone who has watched pokemon looked at a random kid and thought. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I wonder what type he is." Then whopped out a ball and threw it at the kid. How would I as an adult make sure that my kids not watching something age appropriate? Slap the television with a monkey?

  4. "Whats stopping you from going after real kids?"
    My moral compass

    My religion.


    P.S: At 8:15 It's called 2025, and I, a Christian, is so embarrassed by it. Like what benefits do the governments have by making Christianity illegal. You're only getting hated on because you push our beliefs onto other people. God never wanted us to force it onto people, God asked us to SPREAD IT!

  5. 6:48 Parents if you love your children you are a predator why are YOU as an ADULT investing in a CHILD or someone so much younger than you??? Jail!! /s

  6. The whole accent thing? They could think they dont have an accent since, at least for american english TV, the standard accent IS midwestern english because it's the most clear O:

  7. 2:01 is actually correct, crying on Twitter about how everything is sexist etc. is much easier than putting hundreds of hours into workouts and keeping a strict diet, I'm not sure if being fat/unattractive makes you lean more towards feminism but there's certainly a big overlap of unattractive women & feminists, "body positivity" movement might be best example, 400 pound women calling people sexist and bigoted because they dare to say being morbidly obese is not healthy

  8. 3:28 what is the relation with them being pro trump? There are stupid people who vote for the other candidates and that’s never mentioned. This just seems like an unrelated point.

  9. The dumbest thing I've ever heard someone say came from a teenager who said he wanted to go into welding so he wouldn't have to use math.

  10. 3:24 I'm assuming the reply is the confidently incorrect one right? The way was delivered made it seem like it was the correction, but it is a difference between singular or plural first person pronouns I'm pretty sure.

  11. 4:31 Seriously why don't Europeans just use the same system as everyone else? Decimals as dots instead of commas. I mean it makes more sense. Commas are like pauses when reading a number. When reading decimals, you say "point __". What do they say? "___ comma ____?" That sounds dumb.

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