KwaZulu-Natal Floods I Aerial view of the damage

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President Cyril Ramaphosa and some members of the executive are visiting flood stricken parts of KwaZulu-Natal. They’re in the province to offer support to affected communities who’ve been hard hit by torrential downpours.

For more we cross to SABC news editor Monoshni Pillay who is flying over Durban.

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  1. A perfect solution would be to dig a gigantic lake. The displaced earth will be placed nearby as a mountain. Dig a drainage system at all the lowest points in your city and divert the water to this lake. The lake can be an emergency water supply or and a fresh fish farm. Grow trees on the mountain with strong root systems and plant other ones with seeds and berries that the birds like. This will boost a micro evolutionary eco system and will eventually help make clouds and keep the land around it moist for longer than if there was no mountain. Win, win, win. Never mind, I wrote the above comment before actually watching the video. This is simply a lack of civil engineering knowledge, standards, and regulations.

  2. Ground based cloud seeding is causing this. Since November last year they have been spraying excessively so this was to be expected, it's a simple matter of cause and effect. My only question is was this due to incompetence or was it deliberate. Is it a coincidence that so much chaos and disruption is befalling Durban, which is where our main harbor is, or is it being targeted to disrupt the supply chain? This looks suspiciously like weather warfare to me, drought in the cape to justify cloud seeding… which causes flooding in other areas, sounds like a plan to me.

  3. Seriously SABC? Reporting about holiday homes? When people around Umlazi, Adams, Toti and the old airport are literally covered in water? It looks like a huge dam over there and you're showing us this??? Wild

  4. Unfortunately, the cataclysms will only increase. Scientists explain the reasons in the Global Crisis conference. This already concerns everyone as well as in the Global Crisis conference. Time for Truth. The worst thing is that people are suffering. There is an international project Creative Society. Thanks to it humanity will be able to survive

  5. As Jacob Zuma would say: Maintaining the drainage system is such a Western concept. The ANC continues to find ways to kill the innocent citizens of South Africa, who diligently vote for them every election. The tragedy continues.

  6. The area shouldn't have been inhabited. The sea looks full of red sand. South Africa has seen a hectic three years so many major events.
    To Nyathi family, please stay strong 💕💕❤🙌

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