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  1. Gosh I know you won't see this but just know I grew up watching you, you had made my whole childhood amazing,and I still watch you, you have done amazing all these years!!

  2. Lizzie in the first episode: full set of diamond, several story base, entered and retrieved materials from Nether
    Me after a week in a peaceful world: hiding out in a 5×4 oak cube house with more copper than I know what to do with and 1 (one) diamond

  3. I rlly love her vlg and i always do iiiiiiiii but i will be livng my houes becase i will go too haru and wen its my sister britday but we have wayfay

  4. You should make a city build because that is a natural habitat of raccoons but the 2 block thing would be cool but to you it might not be as cool at night

  5. Hey I heard there was gonna be a season 2 of empires. Is that true? If so, are you in it? Oh, and do you know when it will start? (if it hasn’t already and if your allowed to share that) thank you! (It’s ok if you can’t share some info) 😊😊

  6. Your house so far looks very pretty!! It gives a pom poko ( because of the Japanese raccoons, tanukis) / spirated away vibe :))

  7. Why does thisremind me of Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away?? Is that where the build was inspired from?? Even so, you house is amazing💖💖Also, just a quick tip, what if you added gardens and hanging vines and bushes for some greenery, it would really fit the theme you going for Lizzie😊😊 It would look fresh, cozy, AND relaxing

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