People Are Awesome – Extreme Motocross Edition!

People Are Awesome - Extreme Motocross Edition!
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Hey Guys, This is a 2 person channel and we both have fun making and editing videos. This is our first one and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

► First episode
► Take clips if you want but don’t copy the whole video

Thanks to all the original owners of these videos that we took the clips out of.

Song: Electrolight-Symbolism

This arrangement of videos belongs to the channel “PeopleAreAwesomeEditions”. You have no right to copy this video and claim it as your own. If you wish to use this video as an advertisement or on your website please contact this channel.


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  1. I wish it would be a little more current if it says 2015 in the title, most of these riders are riding different manufacturers now and some of the footage was so old. Plus it seemed like most of the footage was taken from The Moto movies and vurbmoto vids

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