Spawning Volcanos, Tornados, Meteors, & More! | Natural Disasters Major Update | Stormworks

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Welocme back to some more stormworks build and rescue. In this episode I am checking out the latest update to stormworks. The Natural disasters major update to stormworks. Where the developers have added in: spawning erupting volcanos, high speed tornados, meteor strikes, whirlpools, megalodons, and radial tsunamis to stormworks. This natural disasters major update to stormworks allows you to bring all these world ending events together all at once. Spawning Volcanos, Tornados, Meteors, & More! | Natural Disaster Major Update | Stormworks. Lets see if I can survive all the new natural disasters that stormworks has to offer. From surviving erupting volcanos, to sinking ships in a whirlpool, to surviving huge tornados that can lift boats out of the water. Do you think I’ll survive?



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