The Tragic Death Of Walt Disney Explained

The Tragic Death Of Walt Disney Explained
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The entire world knows about Walt Disney and his story. The man created so much throughout his life, beginning with his animation studio that eventually led to an empire. Today, The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest organizations in the world, with theme parks, multiple movie studios, and a streaming service. Indeed, his name is synonymous with the entertainment industry. But despite all his success, the company’s founder had one vice he couldn’t kick, and it would sadly lead to his demise. This is the tragic death of Walt Disney explained.

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  1. Why is everything TRAGIC? or tragic DEATH? Everyone dies and death is a part of life and that doesn't make it tragic… Too negative…Birth is a part of life as well.. Should we create a channel and call it the tragic birth of so and so?

  2. Walt was a "workaholic" That and smoking made for a ticking time bomb. The man ran a studio, was host of the TV show for 12 yrs. Was in several worlds fairs, planned the Florida project, was a paw paw. That's a lot for a man that age back then. His smoking likely increased with all of the workload. Not to mention live action films he focused more of his attention on. Cancer treatment also back then was far more aggressive and did not guaranty a high survival rate. Thank God for Roy who saw his little brothers dream come true. Another irony, although different yrs. Roy E. Disney (Walt's nephew) passed Dec. 16th Lillian Disney (Walt's wife) also passed Dec. 16th. Roy O. Disney passed Dec. 20th.

  3. Not sure how I feel, I mean yes smoking is bad and I get you don’t want to influence kids…. But am I the only one who feels it was a bit overkill how they tried to hide this??? I mean, the way they all acted you’d think he was smoking crack, I mean come on now….

  4. I have done the same thing when got out of the military. Could not smoke and booze enough. Many of my generation are dead now because of the abusive life they have lived. I made up my mind and gave it all up. I have been feeling much better mentally and physically. I have a more positive feeling and outlook on life. I have done all of the abuse app on my self because everyone else was doing it. Life is way too short. I have seen some of the few that I ran around with lately and they are so gone Into they’re addictive ways that they look like walking death. Looking like they are in their 80s and they are in the mid 50s. CWA

  5. I quit smoking nearly 18 yrs ago, bc I didn't want to go to my doctor, and receive news I didnt want to hear. So I quit.
    I was never really a Disney girl, but there were certain stories, and books I liked as a child. God rest Walt Disney. I'm sorry he had cancer. Anyone can get it, whether they smoke or not.
    Be careful.

  6. Every war that America was involved in, sent military personnel back home addicted to cigarettes & many came home as alcoholics or on their way to become alcoholics. My Dad severed in the navy during WWII. He came home as a smoker & became an alcoholic post-war. My two brothers & brother-in-law came back as smokers & stone, cold drinkers from Vietnam. The government supplied beer & cigarettes to all military personnel (most were in the age bracket of 18 to 21) during both wars. 😤

  7. When you smoke three packs a day for decades… yea, cancer will happen.. especially if you force to quiet. Your body is used to it. BIG relapse causes cancer with three packs a day smokers…. But, again 2:38, it was never, medical FACT. Grudge anti smoking propaganda.

  8. While not a fan of the man I believe he was a great business man who bought a lot of happiness to children and parents alike. The was a racist and an anti-Semite proud of his beliefs. The Disney company is his only success in life.

  9. Going to turn 21 in February, but Walt's death taught me not to smoke, even though I'm not good at smoking.

    By the time I turn 21, I decided to avoid alcohol and smoking, in favor of focusing on my health.

    Otherwise, I would suffer the consequences when I grow older.

  10. Through operation paperclip Hitler and 1000 Nazi scientist were brought to America and they set up NASA and all we know today!!!
    Look it up somewhere other than Google as they only tell you what they want you to know !!!

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