Videos show flooding, damage after tsunami waves hit San Francisco Bay Area

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An undersea volcano erupted in near the Pacific nation of Tonga, sending tsunami waves crashing across the shore and people rushing to higher ground. More than 5,300 miles away, the Bay Area saw its impact.

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About the Author: ABC7 News Bay Area


  1. I feel so bad for those people in 2.5 million dollar coastal homes. Those poor people filming this for their TikTok accounts. I think Im gonna do a Gofundme for them and pray.

  2. Instead of using "Jesus" and "Holy" in ignorant and blasphemous ways, maybe you will understand a bit more as to why these things come…it ain't "mother nature"…people seriously need to get right with God and stop taking His Name in vain…and I have always noticed…these damned news stations, who can't share their "faith" on tv…probably because they don't believe either(???), think its ok to bleep out foul language, because its deemed "offensive"…but what is truly offensives doing exactly what you have "edited here…the derogatory use of My LORD AND SAVIOR is going viral because you have no clue!

  3. People in the crosshairs don't realize that they are in danger. They go about laughing and acting silly as if it's all fantasy. Get serious, people!!!!

  4. Hope this doesn't act like Krakatoa did in th ed 1800's. It erupted just like this a few time then one day blew up more than before actually destroying the islands, sound was heard over parts of the earth, thousands miles away, tsunamis wiped out is islands, coast lands and killed thousands. These volcanos, no scientists or volcanologists know what will happen next. Maybe this one will go back to sleep.

  5. Sad to see The planet finally starting to fight back aginst the ants Destroying her…and yes i mean humans but then again its the only way for her to wake humans up to what she can do to us

  6. Solo a los humanos pendejos se les ocurre construir a la orilla del mar…Y si a eso le agregas la masiva contaminacion que emitimos…pues bien merecido tenemos los fenomenos naturales que cada vez seran mas graves! bravo!

  7. Are you ready to repent? Yahweh never had a son, Jesus is fake and he's about to destroy the world over this misconception. Repent today and read the Torah!

  8. Oh, we going to bow down to our creator. The only laws mankind supposed to obey, and this is the sun of God laws. judgement day is coming, mankind just doesn't know when, but his angels know, that walking amongst us.

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