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Who profits when disaster strikes? FRONTLINE & NPR investigates how much insurance companies profit after a natural disaster. (Aired 2016)

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When Superstorm Sandy made landfall in October of 2012, the historic natural disaster killed more than 100 people and caused catastrophic damage along the Eastern seaboard. “Business of Disaster” puts two key parts of the disaster recovery system under scrutiny: the special housing aid Congress gives to local governments after major disasters, and the National Flood Insurance Program that’s run by the Federal Emergency Management Administration. Major insurance companies declined to be interviewed, but FRONTLINE and NPR spent months working to track their profit numbers down. With storms expected to grow in frequency and intensity, this joint investigation raises troubling questions about disaster relief in America.

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  1. I hate insurance companies. I just don't see any benefits to the people who bought them. If ever there's claim, your premium goes up forever like paying them back forever for the money they paid. I haven't have a vehicle for 6 years now due to financial reasons. But I could have one already after I received my SSA retro in 2019. But because I hate to pay car insurance, it left me no car. It's cheaper for me to pay somebody to drive me to the store once in every 2 months for $50 dollars. If ever I have a business I would never buy workman's insurance for my employees because they will not receive the benefits from the insurance company. I would rather keep that money in the bank and take care my injured employees by myself.


  3. if you can become a beaurecrat especially in Congress, you make money u hand over fist, meanwhile money gets sent to states for disaster relief and those beaurecrats collect off the top what they rip off from you.
    these creatures must dance when a disaster happens. This country going around judging other corrupt countries is rich since The US is likely more rife with corruption than any other country on the globe.

  4. Earth movement has been going on here for 4.6 billion years, about 4.5999 billion years before the existence of Flood Insurance! Oh, yeah! 4.5998 billion years before mankind.

  5. I worked in L.E in NYC during hurricane Sandy, it was the worst experience next to 9/11 i ever experienced. However fraud was going both ways, the insurance companies were thieves, and many many many people were scamming the companies and the many did not have any insurance and were scamming the government for millions. Especially on Staten Island, some residents were becoming millionaires on scamming for money they didn’t deserve.

  6. We should forget about the government system and it's official, the stock market has been a really tough one this past months. But I watched an interview on CNBC where the anchor kept mentioning "…BELLA ADAMS…". This prompted me to get in touch with her, and from October 2021 till now we have been working together, and I can now boast of $540k in my trading portfolio.

  7. Damn PBS!!! You guys are just figuring out that people profit off of other peoples misery. Where the fuck have you guys been? Seriously!!! Where have you been?

  8. The new FEMA guy blames the engineers Its the insurance industry that needs to be regulated again its obvious they can't be trusted, huge profits year over year and I bet they pay little taxes

  9. i'm in 8 grade i knw a lot about life my math teacher from california university one of the best in the world told us biden is doing a great job as president and obama and we believe her why did he win if he was bad? he won because he's a good guy and wants everybody to be good and the teacher is cool she shows us cool videos when we behave like vines or tiktok

  10. This is sad because is government waste no checks and balances to make sure these people are doing what they're supposed to on point $600,000 to rebuild a shanty when it would have been easier to replace all the homes on that street at least six of them at $100,000 each lifted makes no sense and that lady that's the head of building back should have been arrested for gross negligence of governmental taxpayers funds on unbelievable

  11. It's called disaster capitalism, but in the bigger context, empires always eat themselves from with in, when the
    slide towards collapse begins..They make illegal and immoral behavior legal and uncontestible…We haven't seen anything yet…

  12. Insurance companies like taking your money. But once they have it, think it is theirs and that they should not give it back unless there are no other options.

  13. The time to re-evaluate your insurance policies is BEFORE you need to use them. Ask your agent not a website what you need. Come on people, wake up.

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