Beautiful cats looking for a forever home ❤️ 🐈 🐱 – Takis Shelter

Beautiful cats looking for a forever home ❤️ 🐈 🐱  - Takis Shelter
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No chain. No cage. No kill. – Takis Shelter

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  1. To see all the love from people with big hearts for someone who deserves it big time warms my heart.❤
    The law of the universe in action. What you give you get back tenfold. People should remember this in these trying times.

  2. Por favor adopten gatos. Yo tengo 2 gatos adoptados, y antes tenia perros, más me he sorprendido de lo cariñosos e inteligentes y agradecidos que son los gatos. Están mucho menos adoptados y valorados que los perros, pero son animales increíbles. LoveCats ❤️😻❤️

  3. The cats all look so so well and happy. Its a wonderful area for them and well done to you all…..i miss my cats. Much love sarah, gwen, nellie and nora. 😘🐕🐕🐕

  4. Wow, really STUNNING cats you have there; so happy you are introducing us to these Beauties, so they can find Loving homes❣😍🤩🥰 I must say, Greek cats have the most gorgeous tails and eyes❣🤗Wonderful to see Sir Tom looking so much better 💞 Nepheli is Amazing; what an absolute Sweetheart🥰

  5. PLEASE READ…The suitcases are firm BOX LIKE , yet they may close SUFFICATING the KITTY occupant. If the suitcase is unhinged, detached into half… you will have (two) suitcases to share, double the cat bedding comforts. B L E S S I N G S!

  6. Nana and all of the kitties 😸 are all so adorable 😍 💕 💖 ❤ 💓. As per Nana, even though she's blind she still have that sixth sense to help her get by. I thought Sir Tom got adopted because I haven't seen him for awhile

  7. Your Cat Area is FABULOUS! Apostalia and all your volunteers are awesome keeping these areas clean❤️May God be with you all and have a Blessed day everyone 🐕🐕🐕😻😻😻💋❤️🌹

  8. Oh Takis all your cats are beautiful and all look very happy. I can see how they are so happy they may not want to be adopted but the more who you find homes for the more you can save. Did miss a video but may I ask what happened to Sir Tom I haven't seen him for some time now. God Bless you all.

  9. Beautiful cats at the shelter that need homes and you to can have one of these beautiful cats. Takis Shelter ADOPT, donate, volunteer.

  10. Wonderful Greek cats! I saw many when I visited Santorini and Mykonos. They love to be near the restaurants where they all have jobs. Sun worshippers and mice deterrents.

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