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Real Ghost Experience video-

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This video is completely based on REAL GHOST EXPERIENCE. We don’t promote the existence of ghost through our video but yaa we do believe that as each coin has two faces, similarly, if there is positive energy, there must be negative energy.

Here we are going to react some of the real life ghost experiences of our subscribers.

Please do take it as a fun video🤗.

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  1. आपकी कहानी सुनकर और देख कर बड़ा मजा आता है और हमें भी आप जैसा कुछ करने की प्रेरणा मिलि है आप जैसा कुछ करे ने की कोशिश की है

  2. Didi ye video sabse jyada dhukur dhukur tha pur sath mai mera phone gir ke tut Gaya ab MERI mummy mujhe todegi 😭😭😭
    Kya Karu may 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  3. Di story bahut hi haunting thi and di apke batane ka style use bhi acha app dono sach m kitne cute h di we will always support you ☺☺and di you will cross 1 lakh subs soon we will always support you m apki sari video dekhti and apke sari videos ek se badh kar ek h 😍😍just amazing😍🤩

  4. Didi didi didi please please please please ek video teresha firdigo ke upar banao na mere pass message aaya tha aur main bahut Dar Gai hun aur yah Baat sahi Hai Ya galat aap batao na please please Priyanshi ji please

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