Family Guy Asian Stereotypes Compilation Teacher and Coach Reaction

Family Guy Asian Stereotypes Compilation Teacher and Coach Reaction
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Family Guy Asian Stereotypes Compilation Teacher and Coach Reaction
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  1. I watch your YouTube videos a lot and by observation, and yes coach does seem smart, but going by teachers facial expressions, I think that she is slightly smarter 😉

  2. Thank you guys for keeping comedy alive for the best of them. I put a message in a high-spied house and sometimes you can't get in touch with it. I wanted to say you're doing a good job, and people need it. I'm as white as Bill Burr, but love to you if I have to go to war. Finland is a small country, but I'm on your side, and color doesn't matter. East neighbor if he comes, I'll shoot everybody. But thank you guys for more and spirit.Thank you

  3. A Dodge Challenger is bad for the environment, therefore its 5 times so expensive to drive one overhere in gas and tax…. heartbreaking.

  4. Teach imitates the Asian lady’s thoughts on how much indication she needs to cut across eight lanes? Coach, we require video evidence

  5. 8:40, Bless Her Heart, Teacher Would not know the Korean Surname Dr. Lee, meant cooking Dogmeat. And to Her Support, most Koreans Don't eat Dogs anymore in the South. NORTH of the DMZ THOUGH, is still a delicacy, even in Pyongyang . However most Koreans in the South would NEVER. Kim IL Sung really messed up the Korean Peninsula. He was NO God. Just an evil Oppurtunistic Charlatan with a Brilliant Flare of Self Indulgent Manipulation. Mount Paekdu would Rather Sawllow His Wretched Dynasty to Die within , then Being concerned attached with Such a Mutt whom degrades Her Slopes of Purity

  6. Coach doesn't look Asian, he just has the awkward MOMENTS, when a viewer might say, " Is he 1st Generation foreign?" Kidding truth aside I love You Brother 😍, and Teach. And no uncomfortable to 2nd Generation Asians, Love Y'all. If it makes any difference, I would rather Hang out with an Asian that has more Black friends vs White. Thats when You know someone is not a Coward, yet respected and are considered cool by us Westerners. Lol. This coming from a Dutch West Michigan born.

    Ok I welcome the Dutch jokes……

  7. I’m married to a Filipino and it’s amazing I love her a lot she is my rock and I love all Asian Culter no matter where they’re from but I will say my favorite scene is the Asian in-laws and the Ashton Kutcher dog car bag Sean 🇺🇸❤️💙🇵🇭

  8. I'm willing to bet Coach was one of those Asian students waiting in line to get into school first! I know and understand Family Guy is popular and has equally attacked all people and Nationalities, but I think the Vietnam Memorial skit was a little too far!

  9. I'm currently working in China until 2023 and I have worked here before from early 2016 to mid 2017. You are not wrong about some of the drivers here! Some of them are aggressive! I've heard of defensive driving but damn! Still love this place, though. Such a great culture, the people are very helpful, and their food is fantastic. Hope you two are having a wonderful new year!

  10. I used to eat at a Chinese buffet with my grandparents and anytime I take a bite of something they go meow or a woof
    Messed up😂
    Not even Asian but the only way my grandpa ate Chinese food was with chopsticks refuse to eat with a fork.

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