Abandoned Kitten With A Badly Broken Leg Needs Vet | Animal Rescue | Pets & Vets

Abandoned Kitten With A Badly Broken Leg Needs Vet | Animal Rescue | Pets & Vets
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A poor one year old cat is brought in by animal rescue to a nearby vet. Both animal rescue and the vets are horrified by how bad of a state the kitten is, she needs immediate surgery. The leg is so broken the kitten can’t walk and the surgery is complex but these skilled vets know how to save a stricken animal.

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The series is about people trying to save animals from danger. Animal control officers try to assist animals in unsafe environments and respond other animal related emergencies.

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  1. The puppies two new owners stories made me cry. The man with a terminal illness wanting to give his grandson a friend to remember him and the guy who relates to Maria because he was also abused. It's so sad.

    EDIT: It should be known that the RSPCA and similar institutions in other countries are either poorly funded, run solely on donations, or both. I feel bad, but we shouldn't judge the RSPCA but rather the government's lack of care and funding.

  2. People complaining about the blue heeler being put down — most RSPCAs, shelters, and rescue groups run on EXTREMELY tight budgets. They are limited on money, space, and manpower. Simply put — they can't afford to keep on dogs that are aggressive and can't be safely adopted out. Doing so means they fill up cages, and have to turn animals in desperate need away.

    Is it sad? Of course it is. It SUCKS.

    But it's also a fact of life. They give the animals as much as they can. They give them months to get better, but eventually there comes a time where they have to see improvement. They literally can't afford to invest years into healing mental traumas that might never resolve. Doing so would mean leaving an injured, neglected, or ill dog in terrible situations or out on the street, because they lack room.

    You want someone to blame for the dog's death, blame the terrible owners who starved and ignored that poor animal, until it was so traumatized that it was unable to be safely rehomed.

  3. I can't believe they put down that beautiful dog. The Blue Heeler. I am sorry but many places just don't give up on animals. That dog could have been saved. I am disgusted with them killing him.

  4. Why the hell is every animal and bird on that fools property not being taken. They are living in disgusting conditions. Please take those animals and birds away from these people. When u see people who can't keep themselves or their home clean then how the hell do u think the animals will fare?

  5. That house was absolutely disgusting. No animal should live in a place like that. I am so glad you guys went to save them all. I hope that man was done fir animal cruelty..

  6. “They’re dead! Just not moving or breathing”
    Im glad these owners getting punished. They could’ve gave their pet away if they no longer want them

  7. I can't believe how little time abused animals are given before put down!! MANY dogs don't do well in the caged environment…IT'S STRESSFUL, NOISY, CONFUSING, AND SCARY…but that heeler was so nice to the officer who approached him. WHAT A SHAME.

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