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  1. when animals are around humans, they will analyse our every move. When we are not around them, they start acting like humans & "cat barking" is a perfect example for that.

  2. Using the piece of bred to fish a fish is taking something an object and using it for your advantage. That's what a tool is. You can't expect them to build a factory of hammer and nails. Anything can be a tool of your convenience, the chair was simply a show of logic by repositioning an object to the advantage of the dog that defied gravity. After all, dogs weren't made to climb stuff :p Oh and I didn't modify the pencil I used to scratch my ear just now, but I still used it to scratch.

  3. Did the dog, bird, and badger use tools? Is the bread any less of a tool than a flint arrow? Or for something to be considered a tool, must it be somehow modified by the animal for a particular purpose? While the dog and badger repositioned their chair and stick, they didn't actually modify them. Does tool building have to be a learned behavior rather than instinctive such as a beaver's damn or bird's nest? These animals demonstrated learned behavior but didn't modify anything.

    Answers anyone?

  4. I wish people would stop abusing animals. they are equal to us, the only difference is that we have thumbs and can talk (and are a little smarter) But we are the same sort of creature. We are not 'Higher' than them.

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