Real ghost poltergeist caught on CCTV footage?

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Charlestown, Rhode Island, US – Real paranormal activities recorded on security camera. After the orb appeared, the entity played with the empty soda followed by an EVP and a loud bang. An expert improved the EVP, and warned the family of the disturbing words recorded on camera. Video is played double speed to witness the movement better. The Galyas family has lived in Charlestown since June 6, 2016. Six days after the move, the family claims the scratching noises started. At first they thought about rats, so the family hired pest control that cleaned the entire house with heavy poison. Unfortunately the scratch noises persisted. Begin July, the family began to hear knocking and walking noises in the attic. In an early morning mid-July, the family was surprised that the furniture was stacked on top of each other. Some furniture is made of solid wood and very heavy to lift alone. Their dining table required 6 people to lift it. The situation quickly escalated to seeing shadows, vandalism in the house, children being pushed when they want to walk down the stairs, and stinging in the eyes. If you search for Charlestown you learn that this city is home to Native American cemetery.

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  1. the ghost will kill who? no one was there, and assuming the ghost is a high tech and know there;s a hidden camera, wouldn't he touch it?

  2. why would there be a camera on the coke tin?..obviously some gadget has been put into the base of the can…and operated by remote control….Rubbish Vid

  3. So fake dude. I know how magnets work too. Most people do. Also, most people wouldn't be scared of hearing 'i will kill you' while only a soda can is turning on the counter lmfao.

  4. What a load of rubbish, if I was a poltergeist I would do something a little more elaborate then turning a can of cola and I would say something more interesting and less generic than what qouted on the clip shown lol

  5. If there has been activity in the house where incidences like this have occurred, it makes sense to leave something out that can be manipulated. If you don’t believe this is possible, that is very close-minded. Tell that to the scores of policemen, fire fighters, EMT, etc who witness much worse. Those who scoff and call ppl crazy until they experience it. Big burly men who call BS and patronize people and act tough. I saw one of these guys get choked up bc they were terrified and felt so guilty. One lady, single mom, had a demonic presence that was harming them physically. Her brother moved in, big tough cop. He noped the hell out of there in less than 3 months. She couldn’t get anyone to stay there. It’s amazing how many people refuse to acknowledge something they haven’t seen for themselves what many thousands of others have seen. Tell the owners of the abandoned house in Moreno Valley who lost everything bc they couldn’t take another day in that house. It wouldn’t sell and is abandoned to this day. After they moved out, every house around them vacated and none of the houses would sell. Look them up…the Lewis family of Moreno Valley, California.

  6. This looks fake and contrived, and my instincts say to me it is. I have experienced genuine (???) poltergeist activity on two occasions. The first was in premises whose owner does not advertise her belief in their presence, presumably so that her customers are not put off spending their money there; the second in a well-known 'haunted' venue in which the apparent phenomena have been well documented. In both instances, the occurrences were completely unexpected by myself, though verified by testimony of similar by the owner who is a friend of mine, and by regular staff at the second venue. I cannot explain either occurrence. Nor can I prove to any other person that the first occurrence happened, in the absence of any of those persons; only staff working there and other customers, presumably, witnessed the event. Another person at the second venue experienced the same as I did, in a different position in the same room, but not at precisely the same moment. In both cases, it is one person's word, with minimal reliable corroboration, against unsurprising scepticism.
    It makes me realise that the experience of something like this is in no way proof of the existence of either 'ghosts', or even 'poltergeist' phenomena. At best, it is uncertain evidence, but it's an event in time, and cannot be preserved for examination. Be sceptically open-minded, like me, but don't fall for obvious fakery. There's a ton of it.

  7. I mean, it's not bad for a little cgi project. You can tell there's a good bit of detail to everything but there are some obvious "smoke and mirror" indicators as to what is presented. You can see some animation-related lens distortions and very blown-out contrast to subdue the effect. Frames each look good, just need to throttle back the contrast and pick a camera location that looks more like a natural security camera rather than a set.

  8. i know it could be a trick of the light & shadow, but that sure looks like a face low on the cupboard door on the right ?

  9. If I don't put some weight against my closet door it opens up whenever
    I also have access to the tower in my part of the building. Previous tenants have been using it as a crack house. Not a good history.
    I cannot keep my closet door closed in my bedroom without weights in front of them.

  10. Let me tell you one thing working with cg and photoshop. That if you look at the reflection you can tell. It's the hardest part and as what I'm seeing there's nothing messed up with the reflection. 2 if it's a green screen again the reflection and shadows would not be on par so if this is a fake nice job

  11. security camera that only sees the island and stove, perfectly clean kitchen except there's an empty coke can on the island….. fake as hell

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