Top 10 Reasons Why People Are Awesome

Top 10 Reasons Why People Are Awesome
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Welcome to Top10Archive! It’s no secret that human beings are able to pull off some incredible feats, but some records seem impossible to grasp, as if the person holding it isn’t from this Earth. In this installment, we’re going to count down our top 10 pick of amazing accomplishments achieved by a single person.

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10. Longest 1-manned flight
9. The Merman
8. The New Johnny Appleseed
7. 4-Digit Deadlift
6. The Perfect Gymnast
5. Jumping Jack of All Trades
4. Bad Santa
3. The 4-Minute Mile
2. A Jump to Remember
1. 100-Mile Swim

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  1. Top 10 reasons why peope are NOT awesome :
    1 – First, they're more attached to appearance, ego, narcissism, etc. And they are more likely to thumb up a video about a physical prowess than about logic and truth. So they ignore all the next points.
    2 – They violate body and mind : violence and domination is everywhere, from the physical act (punching, interrupting an argumentation, not listening and running of, etc) to the mental act (ignoring, denying, reversing arguments, etc).
    3 – They don't understand : their brain can't memorize all necessary things, and they alway take account of half of the parameters that are required to analyze things and make a correct conclusion. Misunderstanding spreads into the flow of the reality (= what is said and what has to be understood).
    4 – They can't admit that they are acting badly and doing mistakes. They can just ignore or refute, and make their victim to suffer more and more.

    All the next points that can be discovered are consequencies of these 4 first points, wich can be read in any order.

  2. i'm surprised those nazi's over at junkd haven't taken this down yet for the people are awesome phrase like they did to devinsupertramp. sadly i wasn't that surprised when i his story, seems to be the norm hearing about people getting screwed over for bogus laws that make no sense. or just just plain old corruption.

  3. The guy who could pull a jet is the most awesome person I've heard of :O If you ever doubt that humans can achieve impressive and nearly impossible things videos like this one will prove you wrong

  4. Hey! You should totally make a video for top 10 most common illnesses during winter! Listing the symptoms and how to deal with them. I noticed today that several people had gotten sick at my school and they were sharing almost similar symptoms but they sounded all different all together and they have no idea what to do about them. o:

  5. For some reason I feel likes it's been a while since you guys uploaded something! XD or perhaps I missed a vid or two~ The new set-up Youtube has with the uploads page kinda bunches everything together! Its easy to miss stuff! DX

    Still enjoyed the vid though!

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