Top 10 Creepypasta Stories of 2021 | Creepypasta Compilation

Top 10 Creepypasta Stories of 2021 | Creepypasta Compilation
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High Stakes
52:33 I Can Scare You
1:04:55 The Horror From the Vault:: Halliston
1:54:11 They Never Stop Laughing
2:17:29 Vandraven
2:41:08 I Saw the Dark Snowfall in Alaska
3:16:06 My Father Built Robots in the 80s
3:48:01 The Man With A Mirror For A Face
4:04:24 The Room 371 Experiment
4:24:54 The Swamp Rex
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High Stakes (Part 2) final from nosleep

I can scare you from nosleep

They Never Stop Laughing from nosleep

I saw the dark snowfall in Alaska and the horrors that came with it. from nosleep

My father built robots in the 80s from nosleep
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The Swamp Rex from nosleep

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  1. Hey Mr. Creepy Pasta. I just wanted you to know I have been watching you channel for about 8 months or more.. now I try to watch some of the other channels and they’re not holding my interest anymore. I just like watching your channel for hours at a time. I play a few video games on my iPad, then I watch you. I used to do this with Creepy Pasta. Jr. . I binge watched all of his videos until last summer. I had to go away for work. Since I came back and have time to watch videos on my smart TV. But you can’t leave comments on TV. So I Ossetian my iPad. I watched Tales from the Gas Station. I liked that very much. I haven’t heard you make any other kind of videos. Then I watched the video about a mental hospital and how a new doctor who looked into the patient’s backgrounds and found out bad things were happening. He was talking to the patients? And then I heard your voice not like the Gas Station. When I did, I started watching your channel. I try to watch CPJr. Videos. His are very good. He makes sure his videos are Spotless. That’s why he doesn’t put out too many videos. You have a new video every other day if not more. I watched CPJr. His voice sounds kinda slow. I don’t mean he’s slow. Just his voice..I’m saying is I’m addict to your channel. Like I used to be to Jr.s. I keep watching your monthly compilations that starts with 2018 I think and it has every month through 2019 and then about 50 other videos of 10 of this and that. I watch it over and over.

  2. I do love this channel, very much so. Amazing stories! The only negative thing for me is I cannot listen to him at night. His voice level fluctuates so much. He's talking low & then BAM!! He's yelling & it's startles me. I have to constantly turn down & up the volume the entire video.

  3. The voices from the vault!! I never heard this story and I take pride in watching well all your narrations to put it lightly.. but this Juan (1) 🤣 must have slipped thru, the cracks cause I don't recall this one at all.. what so ever crazy must have been during the time my sister passed away it was a dark time and thanks for bringing me some 🕯️ with your darkness during that hard time anyways.. love your work my sister and I were fans with me beimg the biggest but it was growing on her. God rest her soul.thanks for everything1 you do and the writers (❤️) who give you the ammunition to keep in the fight. And help bring their works of art a new perspective well alive I guess. From the West-Coast keep doing you my brotha. ❤️❤️

  4. My top three CreepyPasta narrators: (1) Lighthouse Horror, (2) MrCreepyPasta (a very close second, my good sir!), and (3) Creeps McPasta, with an Honorable Mention to Dr. Creepen. Thanks for the best of 2021 compilation!

  5. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't your YouTube starting anniversary on the 4th of january? I think it's like 10 or 11 years now. I'm sorry. I really am a fan, but I have a bad memory. LMAO

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