my beautiful cats 🐈 Moses the goat is getting naughty 😈 – Takis Shelter

my beautiful cats 🐈 Moses the goat is getting naughty 😈  - Takis Shelter
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No chain. No cage. No kill. – Takis Shelter

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  1. There is a reason Shepherds have sticks with a crook, and here in the UK all sheep/Goat farmers have at least 3 to 4 well trained working Collies with them, they are Black and White killers by nature. I, along with many friends, males and females, and an adult male Alsatian dog, were chased for our lives by Rams. :)) I have forever been terrified of them since that day, long ago. I wouldn't be on the same side of the fence as Sheep or Goats. I certainly wouldn't turn my back on them for one second.

  2. Wow he could really hurt you. Be careful he doesn't break your leg or something headbutting you. He is very determined.

  3. The nature of some goat species as they grow older are by nature wild not to be with people they need to exercise their place in herd.
    Here those who actually raise goats know that you have to debud . As they grow not only can they hurt you and anyone anything living but they can hurt themselves their horns can get stuck in a gate on a barn door they can hang themselves accidentally.
    Dehorning should be done very early in the goat's life—within the first two weeks, before the horns break through the skin. If the horn is allowed to grow much beyond this point, it becomes very dangerous to remove because a main artery grows down the horn and a goat could easily bleed to death. goats goats goats .
    I'm not fond of goats they are unpredictable they have a special place and the creature world and among their own kind but with people depending on the goat it can be deadly. A head butt to a cat or a dog's belly could cause internal bleeding and bruising and death….. keep the domestic cats and dogs away from the goats they need protection from goats.

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