Cute Ways Animals Sleep | From Snoozing Owls to Twitching Weasels🐾

Cute Ways Animals Sleep | From Snoozing Owls to Twitching Weasels🐾
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Animals sleep in many different ways and all of them are adorable when you get the chance to watch. There are the dead-weights, like badgers, the huddlers (stoat kits), the power nappers, (owls on watch), and the twitchers, like my rescue weasel Domino. Watch this to choose your favourite snoozing animal style.

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This compilation of animals sleeping combines footage from wildlife I have filmed around the world and includes clips from cameras hidden inside animal nests in my garden. And if you liked this animal sleeping compilation then take a look at my video of animals at play in the snow, here:

I am a British wildlife artist based in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, UK. I build ideal habitats to encourage wildlife into my garden and use nest cams to study their behaviour. These studies inform my paintings. I share the best of my video research on this channel for free. If you would like to support my work please consider a small donation here:

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  1. Facebook selected your videos for my feed because I love posting bird pictures. I was hooked so I followed you here. The commentaries are well done and the wildlife videos are wonderful. Subscribed and will be entertained for hours. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so very much for always bringing your beautiful world of wildlife to this channel. I have never been disappointed by what's been shown.

  3. Great scenes of the various critters you film, excluding the bears. Genuinely beautiful. I like LIFE!! And it's so great to see you capture the necessary but largely unnoticed bits where they fall to sleep and then wake up. I just love those rolling verdant hills…a little slice of heaven.

    Super cool came you're wearing. I've never seen the pattern here in the States.

  4. You've beautifully illustrated the sweet, humorous and surprising sleeping ways of a great variety of baby, young and some adult animals with b usual sensitivity of video and eye lenses accompanied by elucidation narrative. I get much pleasure from your posts Robert. And is that a bit of rainbow in the distance on the right side of the screen?😀

  5. Hey Rob, i have a few foxes that come into my garden, we had a wood pile but had to get rid of it, what would be the best way to accommodate them? and should i feed them?

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