Top 10 Paranormal Facts | 2021 Favourites' COMPILATION

Top 10 Paranormal Facts | 2021 Favourites' COMPILATION
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Paranormal compilation. In this compilation video, I will showcase some of my favourite paranormal cases that we explored on The Paranormal Scholar in 2021. Are these some of the best cases of the paranormal? Sit back, enjoy and decide for yourself…

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  1. Thank you for watching this compilation video. If you are new to my channel and like what you see, please consider subscribing for more of the paranormal. And to those of you who are already subscribed, from both Erik and I, thank you so very much for all of the kindness and support you have shown us over the past year. We truly couldn't do this without you, and cannot wait to bring you more videos in 2022. Wishing you and yours all the very best. Happy New Year!

  2. Love your 'schtik' Laura, I think if you very occasionally had a facial tick (twitch) whilst your'e on screen, and have your teddy move his head and stuff , make it really obvious, but you just ignore it….. or get INSTANTLY over the top pissed off.
    (I really like your channel)

  3. I also believe that some alien 👽 visits are human beings from another time or dimension wearing suits of their era. People in the 1800's and before would think our astronauts were alien if seen in their space suits of today. Same concept!

  4. The story about the boy who went to fetch water and disappeared on the way there has an American counterpart. In the U.S. version, there was a family who sold their home in the city and bought a small farm in the Midwest in the 1850s. The only difference between this version and yours, is that he was to fetch water from a stream. Interesting to see multiple versions of this tale.

  5. Fantastic, with interesting and intriguing videos like this hopefully you'll be on a million subs this time next year 😁 thank you for your hard work

  6. Is there any way one might be able to find some metric that can be applied across the globe to find out which country is absolutely the MOST haunted in the world?

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