Brother Rescues Dogs While Other Brother Fights Dogs & Goes To Jail – Hope For Dogs Like My DoDo

Brother Rescues Dogs While Other Brother Fights Dogs & Goes To Jail - Hope For Dogs Like My DoDo
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Watch the moment Detroit Pit Crew’s Terri Sumpter discovers gruesome remains of dog fighting in Detroit’s Den of Death.

Headline from the Detroit Free Press:
Tipster turns out to be behind Detroit ‘house of horrors’

As the head of a dog rescue group, Theresa Sumpter is familiar with disturbing scenes.

But in December, when she got a call to check a vacant house on Laing Street on Detroit’s east side, she was horrified by what she found.

“The smell of blood just hit us in the face,” she said.

In the basement, a dead dog was decomposing alongside nearly countless pieces of other dogs. There were legs, tails, paws, and other flesh, all strewn across the floor. Even the walls were covered with fresh blood.

“Of course, I was in shock,” Sumpter said. “We investigate dogfighting, but this isn’t something that dogfighters usually do.”

Half a year later, someone confessed to brutal crimes in the home. But the culprit was surprising: a boy, only 14 at the time of the discovery, who had alerted Sumpter to the home in the first place.

At first, the teen denied he was involved. But on July 28, he was convicted of animal fighting, animal killing/torture, and abandoning/cruelty to two or three animals, said Maria Miller, a spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.

He is serving time in a juvenile facility. The sentence is not exactly fixed — he will face a review hearing in November to determine whether his treatment should be modified, Miller said.

But whenever the teen is released, he will need much more prolonged and serious help, Sumpter said.

“This kid has been hurting many animals for God only knows how long,” she added. “The level of cruelty he’s capable of is incomprehensible, really.”

The teen’s mother, who did not want to be identified, rejected how her son has been portrayed. She says her son has always been kind to animals and just got mixed up with the wrong crowd.

“It’s turning our life upside-down,” she said of her son’s convictions. “He only showed compassion. He only showed love to (animals). He never showed no harm.”

A positive meeting

The teen, whose name is not being published because he is a minor, lives with his mother and five siblings. His father was murdered in a robbery in 2002, and his mother said she has been juggling temporary jobs until a recent leg surgery.

To Sumpter, the head of Detroit Pit Crew, the teen was not exactly a stranger. She had seen him around the neighborhood quite frequently while she was picking up strays. She met him and his family when they had wanted to turn over a stray dog they had found nearby.

The family has been especially helpful with reporting other dogs: they have called in at least 30 in the last year or so, Sumpter said. The teen even drove around with Sumpter in Detroit Pit Crew’s vehicle, because he wanted to volunteer in the effort to pick up dogs. She said it seemed like a positive thing to get him involved.

But according to the teen’s 21-year-old neighbor, Jeremiah Moore, the teen was also known to fight dogs, an accusation later affirmed by court records. Moore said he used to think the teen was all right — but then when he heard about the dogfighting, he told his nephews to stop hanging out with him.

The “house of horrors,” as Sumpter calls it, came in December. That was when the teen told her about the vacant property on Laing Street, because he knew it was a dogfighting house — but he wouldn’t say how he knew that.

Then Sumpter discovered the carnage.

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  1. What an embarrassment to the family name. Once he’s out of juvi, which I’m sure he is by now, he should be forced into community service by volunteering at a temporary shelter or recovery shelter. Somewhere that he can see the results of actions like his. I still hope that he got bum rushed in the detention center.

  2. If i saw that person i would've ripped his whil spine out and bashed his face in. i hope he's having a great time in jail.

  3. I'm with the desert island isolation concept. Put all criminals on the same island and let them police each other? Should cut down on the costs of maintaining prisons and detention centers. no tv, no internet, no gym apparatus, no library, no medical services, no parole chances, food done by airlift only, basic foods only, no cooking facilities or fire starting equipment, no laundry facilities other than the ocean, no radios, no weapons, only criminals allowed, new addition to facility again by airlift and parachute. no air traffic other than for the air lifts, paroled by 2 ships constantly circling the island 24 hours a day. in other words reduce them to the basic human level and struggle for survival just like I'm sure their victims did.

  4. This is a future Serial Killer practicing. This house should be leveled and in its place, a dog park built with a memorial on these precious tortured souls. I hope the police capture and prosecute these Sick demented and Heynis individuals.

  5. Oh My Word!!! People can be so rude to dogs!!!! I LOVE DOGS with my WHOLE heart! I want to adopt dogs when I can instead of getting babies. I want to go to the shelter. 🙂 Thankyou for all the work you guys do!

  6. this type of cruelty on animal's is the sign of a Psychopathy hes needs to do the max of time for this thanks team for sharing this with the world.

  7. Do you save other animals besides dogs like are days the only animal that you care about I mean I do care about the dogs but I feel you should take care of other animals to right

  8. Yes hard to watch but this is the reality of the life of these beautiful dogs. All those involved belong behind bars. It isn't the dogs it the people who raise them. Breaks my heart that so many humans have no heart, the children and animals of these people need rescue now,they are suffering. They raise their families so this continues through the generations. Stop and get involved, you will never regret for a second the lives you will save. Give so the work continues to save all that we hear about, it isn't just saving it is also the rehabilitation after saving each one. I thank this group, they are tireless and give their lives to saving all that they able. World Animal Awareness Society, a group I am proud to volunteer and fund raise for.

  9. Words just fail me as to how anybody could do this to an animal and what an awful way for the dogs to die. Clearly Armand has some mental issues to do such acts on these dogs, lets hope he is banned from ever owning a dog ever again and lets hope Juvenile Lock Down teaches him a harsh lesson for the evil he has done.

  10. People who harm animals generally end up harming people – especially if they start as juveniles. Jeffrey Dahmer started mutilating animals before he went to humans. It's textbook! 😞

  11. It doesn't make me cry. It makes me feel ashamed, Angry and disgusted At the same time. I wonder what must be wrong in Someone's mind to behave so cruelly against another living thing. I can't cry, I am just in shock.

  12. Can't stand the fact that this will NEVER stop, there are complete and total ass holes that will continue to do such cruelty to dogs and they think it's perfectly alright, power trippin' maybe, "my dog is tougher than your dog" crap!!! No dog comes vicious, they are made that way and I just pray to the dog god's that people (so called people) will serve their justice in one way or another. Karma is a bitch and one day you will get yours. May you rot somewhere. I do thank you, Terri Sumpter for doing what you do, I just wish it wasn't necessary.

  13. when I saw the dogs spine I was like OMFG that sick bastard and then I saw the other body parts and I was still like OMFG that sick bastard then I saw the dead dog on the ground and I POURED out tears and I'm happy that these people save so many innocent loves everyday and I'm very grateful

  14. This is why we need to have tougher laws at the federal level for animal cruelty. That teenager knew what he was doing was wrong. To pretend that you care and help the team look for stray animals, is a manipulater. The United States claim to be the leader of the free world, we are not if we continue to ignore animal cruelty and refuse to pass tougher laws on the abusers. Give the abusers the same treatment that the animal received, people will stop. If not, put them in jail and through away the key. I say it all the time, we as human beings have lost our moral compass. Those individuals who knew this was going on and didn't report it, should be punished as well. How would humans feel, if someone treated them like that, we wouldn't like it. If he was my son, I would have whooped is butt. Serve your time. I would post bail. You big and bad enough to do the crime, you're big and bad enough to the time.

  15. Woah… WTF. Some psychopath stuff right there. Would not be surprised if that kid has fantasies about doing it to people and will one day. Just messed up…..

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