Flooding Today | natural disasters

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Flooding Today | natural disasters

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Natural disasters continue to hit the United States. Just last week, California’s Sierra Nevada mountains were bare and brown. They look very different today. The streets are like tunnels among the tall snowdrifts. In the Lake Tahoe region, over the past five days, 300 centimeters of snow has fallen and parts of the lake are covered with ice. There was a massive power outage, and a large number of motorists were caught in the snow. The National Weather Service said 30 centimeters of snow could fall today, which could have more catastrophic consequences, but fortunately, heavy snowfall could stop on Monday. Authorities asked residents of the territory to temporarily stay behind the wheel of cars, and, if possible, to stay at home, all rescue teams who may be involved in clearing snow, they work almost around the clock. According to meteorologists, in some places more snow could fall than in the whole of last winter.
In 2021, natural disasters are becoming more and more frequent. We are seeing climate change in many countries of the world. It is unknown how 2021 will end.
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The channel lists natural disasters, such as: 1) Geological emergencies: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mudslides, landslides, landslides, landslides; 2) Hydrological emergency situations: tsunami, limnological disaster, flood; 3) Fires: forest fires, peat fires; 4) Meteorological emergencies: Tornado, Typhoon, Blizzard, Hail, Drought, Tornado, Hail, Hurricane, Tsunami, Hurricane, Thunderstorm, Hurricane.


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