A Hiker Was Given A Warning After Rescuing An Injured Abandoned Bear Cub On An Oregon Trail

A Hiker Was Given A Warning After Rescuing An Injured Abandoned Bear Cub On An Oregon Trail
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A Hiker Was Given A Warning After Rescuing An Injured Abandoned Bear Cub On An Oregon Trail

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  1. Gah my disgust with humans never abates- to those of you who do not value animals. I could never walk away and leave an injured animal. yes yes being mauled to death is not on my list and I am a mother who wouldnt choose to leave my son BUT I couldnt live with myself if I were to walk away. I live in Northern Canada, bears,wolves , cougars etc the possibility of them are outside my door. If he didnt encounter the mom before he saw the cub, chances are they were seperated, or another predator was able to snag the cub. Nature is brutal, but as humans we are soulless to do nothing.

  2. Thank you for saving that baby bear, you are a special man ignore those who made nasty comments they DON'T COUNT. You did the right thing GOD BLESS YOU.

  3. I get so upset when they threaten great people with fines and jail time for saving a life but those who take on hardly do any time. The law with regards to wildlife is so ass backwards. I’d have done the same thing if I were faced with this situation.

  4. As a fellow Massachusetts guy,couldn't be more proud of Mr. Hancock for risking his own life to save the little bear cub.As an animal lover,I too would have done what had to be done to save the little guy.There are lots of people who bitch,just to bitch.Mr. Hancock is exactly the kind of people that the world needs someone who will step out of his comfort zone to help someone/something in need.Looking out for something other than himself.So glad this turned out well for everybody,man and bear.Great job my Massachusetts friend,from another mass guy(Western Mass,Spfld way)

  5. The internet has negative comments that are likely coming from outside our normal community. Tall White clones could be getting access, trying to hurt & discourage people.

  6. Oh screw everybody because apparently the mom was killed or she left the baby. You saved it!! If no one knows the story piss off. Your my hero. I know when you see death or knew it was dying I'd of done the same thing. Wish humans cared about abandoned and adoptable kids.

  7. His decision to save this baby bear was a humane thing to do if it had been me I would have made the exact same decision, this man is an angel thank you for restoring my faith in humanity it was an act of love nothing more nothing less ❤ ♥

  8. Thank goodness Mr. Hancock found this little bear cub when he did . I hate to think about that would have happened to the this little cub . If Mr. Hancock would not have come cross this little cub.

  9. I was told in a National park by a ranger I could spend 10 years in federal prison for trying to help a duck that had washed up on the beach. Why is helping injured animals survive a crime?

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