The BEST Ghost Videos from The 1990s!

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Are there any 80’s or 90’s kids out there? well, if so, this video will be like a walk down memory lane, the CREEPY clips in this video will bring out your inner child fears as you relive all those spooky nostalgic vibes you experienced all those years ago!

In this one last look back video we check out a few episodes from the world’s scariest ghosts caught on tape, unsolved mysteries, the tv show sightings and more!

This video is full with ALL old school ghost videos from the late 1980’s and 1990’s so of course it won’t be for everyone, however, I know for sure that a significant amount of my audience is in their 30’s and 40’s, so… with that being said, I hope ya’ll enjoy this retro/look back special!

*Because these clips are OLDER you may just need headphones!*

Hopefully the next video will be a NEW Ghost Top 5!
Thank you all for your patience! Have a great new years!

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  1. I started Investigating and cleansing homes in 87. I am 56 yrs old now. I still do the same but I don't fancy myself a youtube show from it. Although we have years of evidence. It goes to the college and a church who has showed much interest over the years.

  2. Watching Unsolved Mysteries as a kid awoken my interest in true crime and paranormal mysteries. I appreciate the revival of the series but its not the same without the host and original theme song. Plus, Youtube channels like yours and many others does a better job now.

  3. there was one about aliens I saw as a repeat in the early 2000's and it had me so scared of them I would stay awake until the sun was up at like 8

  4. The ghost videos today are more hilarious than creepy, I watch them solely for entertainment because they’re all clearly fake but they are at least entertaining enough for a good chuckle.

  5. OMG Richard Felix (guy in 2nd video) love that guy. He used to be on Most Haunted, 00's TV show and current show on Youtube. Fake as hell, but very fun to watch and it's thanks to Most Haunted that I started getting into ghost shows and the paranormal in general

  6. This is when everyone found out that even if you were a very smart & credible person nobody would take you serious if you talked about the paranormal. So sad 😞 Humans are a bunch of think we know it all assholes 🤦🏼‍♂️
    When in reality we really don't know shit 🙄 These are the same people that say its impossible to travel beyond the speed of light & we can't break the laws of physics but damn near everyday someone films unidentified crafts breaking these so called "unbreakable" laws 😆
    I don't know a damn thing about physics but one thing I do know is we need to think outside the box instead of staying inside of it because we believe its not possible.

  7. Wow! Richard Felix from a long time ago! So glad I saw this! Thank ya! You dish more of this out imma take it…. Cool stuff! Hurly furk…. Sightings???? My favorite show as a kid! Blast from the past yo. Haven't thought of this show in decades. Thank you times two!

  8. There were a lot of good 'reality' ghost shows back in the day. Scariest Places on Earth. Sightings. Destination Truth had some ghost or spirit episodes – they actually have the best IMO and creepiest video of the scary forest in Romania. There were more but it's been so long and some were very obscure and didn't have the following that shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures do that I don't remember the shows names.
    These oldies are definitely more interesting because you didn't have to assume everything was being faked for clout. There were definitely some things that might have been faked long ago, but more likely it was something like pareidolia. Now – everything on tiktok is faked, much of youtube is faked and when youtubers get called out on their fakery, they decide to claim it's for entertainment.

  9. I love how the 10 y/o in first one was so nonchalant about sitting in a chair that was being yanked by a demon 💀 0 fuks given lmaooo

  10. 'Potato camera', that was on 35mm (positive film), rather a flash domestic format for it's day. Then we had the el cheapo range of point n shoot and hope for the best instamatics with plastic lenses and 126/ 110 film. The 110 format was probably closer to potato quality. Not many folks even understood photography back then, hence why the simplistic instamatics were popular, though results were not always stellar. High quality cameras and lenses were very expensive back then. Photography was considered one of the most expensive hobbies in those days, every time you hit the shutter button it cost you a dollar and everything was wait for processing and hope for the best results when they got back. Thanks for oldie look back, I enjoyed it greatly SM, I hope you do more. Cheers.

  11. Gaynor and Taff are the OG's of the paranormal game. Throw in Constantine Raudive, Sara Estep, Mark Macy just to name a few. Pioneers and originators of how these things are investigated. Tesla and Edison knew a thing or two, as well.

  12. Ha! Back in the good old days🙂🇺🇲
    I remember a lot of those shows, and that WAS the top technology back then.
    Skeptics of ghosts or UFOs, would demand better pics, when 20 years before that, they had subpar cameras, and the encroachment keeps going. Critics demand freakin' video of a UFO now! And they aren't persuaded by that!
    "I want to believe"
    God bless all, HNY!

  13. in 1995 we were living 17 up in flats.. I've had all my life been experiencing stuff.. NOT ghosts.. One night my oldest who was 3 at the time passed by my bedroom in the middle of the night when we were all asleep,I thought he was needing the toilet so I got up and walked out into pitch black to the hall and the moon was the only light shining in . my son stood at the door frame of living room and I put my hands on his shoulders and bent down and whispered do you want a pee pee?. he pointed into the living room and said mummy what's that? I lifted my head up and saw a group of shadow bastards in the corner, looked about 11ft tall, I lifted him up and brought him Into my bed. That's all I remember from that night but next day I had to get an ambulance for my son.. he lost all ability to walk and talk,I had to push him around in a buggy in the hospital and tests were done. they asked if he'd got a hold of any medication. no . they eventually diagnosed him with ataxia . said he'd got the mumps and instead of affecting him on the outside it's attacked him internally..none of it ever made sense to me . but he was slurring and sounded drunk. I suppose like a stroke, he was fine after about a week. but they said they'd not seen this before so I wondered if it was connected to what happened. He mentions it now and again whereas me . I blocked it out. He brought it back up first time about 10 yrs ago and I laughed and brushed it off because I know how I felt at the time . Absolutely terrified. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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