Most EPIC EXPENSIVE Fails | Wrecks and Damage Compilation 2021

Most EPIC EXPENSIVE Fails | Wrecks and Damage Compilation 2021
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Our definitive collection of the most insanely expensive fails seen on the internet. Not everyone gets away with just a free kick in the nuts, noooo… Lambos get wrecked, houses destroyed, rockets explode, silos collapse. All of these fails cost a pretty brutal bill. Someone sets these folks up with a GoFundMe, you have the FailArmy Seal of Disproval.

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  1. 9:13 some should never get a license, what the actual f, just press the break why are you changing from drive to reverse at full throttle, smh, i feel sick now

  2. 4:25 the boat was too perfect MY GOD 😍. It's like when you mop the floor so good you get proud of your work then someone comes and ruins it with a bad spill 🥺

  3. Some of these videos are actually kind of sad and shouldn’t be for peoples enjoyment. Especially with the video with the spaceship that blew up

  4. Why I can’t see this video in full screen ? The pop up Happn hide the video and never leave !
    I watch in little in a little phone. I am so sad (and pissed up)

  5. The Asian dude is lucky he wasn't electrocuted getting his phone out of that pot of soup. The amount of stupidity among us in the human race is staggering.

  6. OK…but a bit mistitled…as windshields and trampolines or a tumble into a sheetrock wall… hardly count as "Most EPIC EXPENSIVE Fails". What's up with dat???

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