German Shepherd tries to revive her baby and wouldn't let us get close 💔🌺

German Shepherd tries to revive her baby and wouldn't let us get close 💔🌺
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It is so hard to be a mom, and it is so much harder to be a homeless mom. Kailani was struggling to survive, and she needed help. Another organization tried to assist, but she was too aggressive towards them, so they backed down and asked #HopeForPaws for help.

This video starts sad but has a hopeful happy end to it.

With your support, we can save many more lives together in 2022.
If you can, please join us today as a member:

If every viewer donated just $5 a month (16 cents a day), we will be able to save so many more animals… we can really change the world! ❤️

16 cents a day… please think about it and consider adding “Becoming a Hope For Paws member” to your New Year’s Resolution list.

If you would like to adopt Kailani, please contact our amazing friends at L.A. Animal Rescue who are currently fostering her:

Thank you so much!!!

Happ New Year! ❤️



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  1. I believe an animal can sense a "pure heart" and knows when they will not be harmed. She understood that they were trying to help her… when she laid down it was like all the fight left her…she just wanted comfort but was still afraid. Bless her heart, her mother's instinct was so strong, she would have been a good Mom. And they say animals have no feelings, no souls…. She is such a beautiful girl with so much love to give…. I pray she quickly finds the loving forever home she so deserves. Eldad, there is a special place in Heaven for people like you…

  2. 保護されている、動物さん達は皆、怖いんですよね。何が起きるか分からないから、怖がるんですよね。そして、そこにそっと手を差し伸べる事により、不安感から徐々に安心えと繋がっていく。多分、大丈夫かな?って、思っていると思います。温かく包み込んで上げてください。

  3. I know you made sure no pups were left behind and I also know it's hard to gauge when a video has been edited for YouTube and sounds spliced thought scenes but when you put your camera in the hole at 10:00 it seriously sounded like a puppy was in there, whining. Obviously it's way too late if there was but, to me, it sounded like another pup. I truly hope it wasn't for moms and the pups sake

  4. I have to say this gentleman who was with her from the beginning was wonderful. His voice was soft and soothing. He took his time, spoke to her with empathy and stayed with her throughout those hours of mourning. What an incredible person. He didn't raise his voice one time. He was the perfect person to be with this mother. He needs to be commended.

  5. Poor mama was in distress she lost her baby.. The obvious stress on her face .. It's going to take so long for her to recover. People don't realize that they too have feelings a heart. My heart goes out to this mother.. What great care you gave her ty so much for that!!!

  6. Has anyone adopted her? She is so remarkable!!!
    RIP lil one… Find my baby and you will NEVER be alone while you wait patiently for your loving mother!

  7. Animals are such awesome mothers…could give some people a good lesson. Cows, pigs and others all love their babies, too, and take such good care of them. Kailani is so beautiful and sweet. Her howling was absolutely heartbreaking. Poor little dead babies were probably lucky to escape this world full of cruelty and sadness. I hope they went on to a heaven…dogs are too good for people and this world.

  8. Thank you ALL for this ! It is not work because you ALL Love the work… I know the feeling..

    This Female German Shepherd looks like she is pretty much a purebred. She is absolutely beautiful, very alert, smart, and would make anyone a wonderful, loyal, watchful, pet and friend for all her life..
    I was so blessed a long time ago to have 2 beautiful purebred female GSD's, one = East German, one = West German, and your girl looks almost exactly like the West German purebred..
    She has all the lines my girl had and it really brought back so many lovely memories..
    I hope she has already been spoken for… She really deserves a great family, and will absolutely bond with them and love and protect them her whole life..
    I will say prayers of Faith for ALL of you, your Families, your Work, and of course All of the beautiful animals you work with..
    God Bless!
    Fran Danco

  9. Wow, Kailani is beautiful. Got teary eyed watching this and understandably so. Watching her trying to revive her puppy was heart wrenching. Eldad, you are a true hero doing your thing day in and day out. You are truly an inspiration. Bless you and your team. Rest peacefully Lani. 🙁

  10. I can't imagine how sad all that was, laparoscopic surgery was the best decision, good call. You always go beyond and over again to help . I pray to God he gives you all so many blessings .
    Happy 2022 full of blessings, health, love, prosperity, opportunity and abundance.

  11. Thank you all so much for rescuing the sweet beautiful girl!! You guys are amazing!! The patience you have are amazing!! It broke my heart watching her cry like that but thank God she was with you guys and not mourning the death of her baby alone on the streets!! Thank you all again your amazing!!! ❤️

  12. i cried at this story cause i fell the fellings of kailani beacuse i have a puppy that die to im really happy for hope ror pawas beacuse they help kailani to build a brigther future and be happy for the rest of her life

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