A woman rescued a kitten in Tennessee. But it wasn't a kitten

A woman rescued a kitten in Tennessee. But it wasn't a kitten
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  1. She likely pretended not to know so she could own a bobcat for at least a short time. Wild kittens look different enough from domestic cats. I never believe these mistaken identity videos.

  2. I have a 6 year old Bobcat, He's basically just a jumbo sized cat. He can literally "woof" like a dog. Big furry feet and 50 pounds of floofiness. Even at this size, they are highly agile and jump everywhere like regular cats, so it's advised not to keep anything expensive on shelves. Just don't startle them or you'll get bitch slapped, and those big fat paws hurt.

  3. An impulse to hold them close leading to domestication is false. They domesticated themselves after we built grain silos which attracted rodents.

  4. They really rushed this story, they should have continued with how the kitten grew older and whether it had children… this should have lasted at least 15 minutes longer….😐

  5. I think she knew this wasn't your normal domesticated feline. That or she's really……sorry. but with these pictures he doesn't even look like your demesticated feline

  6. Srsly…. i live in the boonies in the middle of nowhere. I see animals nearly daily and why the hell cant i find a baby to raise! dont care what it is, wolf, bear, bobcat, moose!

  7. I've rescued feral kittens and hand fed them. I worked for a rescue centre and we would hand feed them formula and get them used to human contact so that they could be homed. With every kitten we gave a neutering voucher and an agreement form saying if they changed their mind they'd return the cat. It was wonderful work but I still have the scars on my arms where feral kittens got their claws under my gauntlets. I ended up with six rescue cats if my own each one much missed.

  8. I don't know anything about felines nor do I even own a cat, but after three seconds of looking at this kitten, I could easily tell it was not a normal house cat, just the facial structure alone gave it away in under five seconds. I don't know why people just don't own up to it and say, "yeah this doesn't really look like a normal cat but it's really cute and I'll take it home anyway"

  9. I've seen baby bobcats, and honestly…they look like grey tabby kittens. It's easy to see why a random person would just think it was a domestic housecat.

  10. Lol wtf is this video? I swear the lowest quality channels always have high sub count. Either all the subs are bots or all the subscribers are morons.

  11. How do you not realize the difference between a lynx kitten and a cat kitten. Seriously. That is so OBVIOUS. How do you not realize the kitten has a different shaped tail and is big like 5x bigger than a kitten.

  12. The stock footage makes these videos look like cheap homework assignments. Half the time the stock footage doesn't even line up with what's being said in the video. More and more channels are starting to make low effort videos with the same stupid stock footage, why do people keep churning out this lazy crap?

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