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A look at spirit photography and ghosts caught on camera! How has spirit photography changed over the years and what ghosts and spirits have Society of the Haunted and Haunted Road Media caught on camera? Includes paranormal evidence, historic photographs, paranormal activity, and real spirit photography… as well as some historic hoaxes.

William Mumler spirit photography
Cottingley fairies
Brown Lady of Raynham Hall
Amityville house ghost boy photo
The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove
Stone Lion Inn white wisp
Black Bear Church orb photography
Kampsville Grade School shadow person
Kampsville Grade School apparition
Kampsville locks (possible) fairies

FRIDAY NIGHT GHOST FRIGHTS are spooky, creepy ghost stories from Haunted Road Media — true paranormal and supernatural encounters, real storytime tales from personal experiences, paranormal investigations, and haunted history!

Paranormal publishing and video production is what we do. Welcome to our haunted world!

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  1. 2:21 living humans don't have eyeshine and they definitely don't have solid white eyes. Camera malfunction or not.
    However I've seen multiple ghosts or supposed ghost photos/videos that have the white eye effect. Notably the 2006 ghost girl, Mexican cemetery. "Amiga!! Amiga !! eWwWwWw CHILLS

  2. I mean no disrespect but I believe these are not dead people but demons, angels, fallen angels. I saw a black shadow figure during the day after it turned the volume up all the way on my stereo back in 2001 Just recently ive been picking up voices while recording me talking and i'm not trying to capture anything. I uploaded one, have a better one i'm going to upload can you help?

  3. This was a "Reply" to Tim below but I was not able to post it so going to try to here. Tim I hope that Mike does not mind me jumping in to talk about this pic for a bit, I know a little about it. First thing you need to keep in mind is that it was taken by a News crew as part of a Halloween Night Séance I want to say 1976, but it could be 1975. The reason that date is so important is that Adobe Photo-shop, raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for macOS and Windows.
    Photo-shop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. That is a full 12 years before anyone had really good home computers to use Photo-shop or the program it run.

    A News team did the lock-in with the Warrens and no children were in the house at the time, they had police standing guard outside the house just in case something went wrong, or the killers returned to the house to kill again. It was the 1970's everything was a "Satanic Killing" and the Devil was under every bed, behind every tree ready to jump out drag kids off to their deaths. The killers never came back and everyone at the Scaence thought it was a complete bust at least according to the News team members, one dressed as Dracula talks about it in an interview here on YT. I have looked at this Pic very close and their is more then 1 boy in the pic their are 2, along with a thin tall something standing behind and over them.

    Their are also other things in the background that I would rather not talk about but that I see in Pic's that are like this one. Taken from what I feel are taken at real Dark or Neg haunted location. I also see Spirits and Demons as solid as a person standing in front of you or me, talk with them at times. So discounting the pic just because of the fact that it's too solid is way wrong. Also remember this was taken a full 12 years before the existence of Photo-Shop and Personal Home Computers, if you stop and think it over.

    I don't want to talk too much about this and other Neg haunted locations too much, to be hones about it. IF you poke the Darkness it will poke you back. I Just finished watching the Demon House-Zack B and I would like to hope that he learns his lesson about messing with things he should know better then to play with but seriously doubt it, its all about the Ca$h. That is why I am not giving specifics about the other things I see in this or any other photos here or on other sites at least at this time. Some things are better not seen and very much left alone.

  4. Mike does this case ever bring back memories to me I have even seen some of the autopsy and crime scene pictures it's not for the faint of heart and such the tragedy of what happened in that house in 1974 Allison might have been awake according to the crime scene photo I seen Dawnn I think lived the longest even though she had been shot in the head her heart was still pumping that explains the excess blood in the bed besides being on her menstrual cycle. I've always wondered if this picture was of John Matthew ghost I must have researched this for 6 months. I'm truly not sure though I've heard the basement was some kind of portal but that was to research

  5. Sooo cool! I met Ed and Lorraine Warren in the 1970s at a talk they gave in Connecticut. I was just a teenager, but found them so interesting! Loved your back stories on the photos and recordings!

  6. Another great show, Mike! I had been wondering about the authenticity of the Amityville photo, given that people claimed it was a ghost, and others thought it was a photoshop. But I wonder about the boy – he's too solid and too "complete". Still another great show, and I can't wait for Tuesday night!

  7. I always enjoy condensed evidence videos and spooky stories. So I got two in one tonight ! I also look for your Friday frights every week, so yes keep them coming. Thank you for your hard work. Take care and God Bless, cindy

  8. Another great show. The pic with the boy looking out of the door way, looks TOO solid to be a spirit. I've seen that pic before and I never thought it looked real. And I'm with you about orbs, I don't believe all are spirits. But the ones that have their own light are.

  9. Love you guys!! Thanks so much for the hard work you all put into bringing such great information to us!! It makes my day to get a notification from HRM!! Cant wait to catch a Live Show!!

  10. Hey thanks ya all!Just love all the consistent real evidence you bring to the all the viewers.Through the years you and Shana just keep getting better!Your openness of what you capture gives one the choice to make on their own!I thank-You for that!KUDOS HAUNTED ROAD MEDIA!

  11. Wow Hello Mike, Great video . Well hear it is Friday once again, Hope you had a good week,How can i order some shirts ete from you, My pay pal wont work, Could you let me know thanks abe.

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