15 Angry Animal Mothers Fighting To Save Their Babies

15 Angry Animal Mothers Fighting To Save Their Babies
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When it comes to protecting their young, most animals will sacrifice themselves against much bigger and more powerful predators. Have you ever seen a catfight a python to protect her kittens? What about a hen charge into an eagle? If you want to see some tough moms, keep watching, as we count down 15 angry animal mothers fighting to save their babies.

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Harbor Seal

This harbor seal mother is protecting her newborn pup from these Bald Eagles which are scavenging on the placenta. The eagles seem afraid of the mother when she charges them and I’m quite surprised. The mother stays extremely close to her pup, making sure the eagles can’t approach it. Another harbor seal mom stays close to her pup when some birds land right next to it. The pup isn’t harmed, but the mom makes sure it stays that way. Minutes after delivering a baby seal pup, a seal mom is protecting her newborn baby from seagulls. Imagine having to fight right after giving birth.

Wild Pigs & Wild Boars

This first-time mom doesn’t want anything or anyone getting close to her piglets. She’s overly protective and you can see how defensive she is when someone tries to get too close. This mama pig doesn’t want this lizard to get close to her family, so she immediately lets the lizard know it’s not welcome. I’m not sure what you think, but I think mom has some serious facial hair issues and I’m guessing a few waxing sessions wouldn’t do her any harm. I feel bad for the poor male that works hard all day and must come back to this beauty at night. Just when this family of warthogs is about to enjoy a nice picnic, a crocodile crashes the party looking for some food. The warthogs make sure the young piglets are not anywhere close to the nasty reptile.

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