5 Amazing Animal Behaviours Caught on Spy Camera | BBC Earth

5 Amazing Animal Behaviours Caught on Spy Camera | BBC Earth
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What DO animals get up to when they think we’re not looking? We use spy animals to find out.
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Part 2 https://youtu.be/GTPU6RnGj68

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  1. Around time 12:05…when they show the robot orangutan sawing too…so was he already there sawing? Or is the spy orangutan advanced enough that they can remote control it to go sit n saw next to her?? That’s pretty crazy, I didn’t know that the spy animal cameras were thst sophisticated! …and if that’s NOT how it was then was it already sitting there set up sawing wood? If so then that means that the wild orangutan just copied the spy orangutan so idk why the narrative said they were baffled by how she learned to saw ??? They had to have already had the spy one sitting there sawing right??? Just weird that they emphasized that it was wild n sawing

  2. The sounds and the movements of this amazing demonstration of unified realms of nature
    The depictions of the environments of the Glory of mother Earth where plenty of the animals of the grandeur

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