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  1. I get so irritated with people who say you're exaggerating. If it was that easy they would be out there doing it themselves! It's easy to be an armchair quarterback. If it was that simple, you wouldn't have a job! I love your videos, and I will always support you because you do what I don't have the ability to do! Ignore the critics, and do what you do best! Always a fan!

  2. I don’t know why the F do they watch if they’re just going to be negative and say nasty shit? It’s so easy to be quiet and just watch or leave. I love ALL that y’all do. Merry Christmas loves.

  3. Be careful Lee and Linzi. Watch yourselves.

  4. Hi Linzi& Lee, was this live on Facebook yesterday? Because i was out and missed the live streaming. Hope you will be live Xmas eve or Xmas day?
    Thanks for another great year and looking forward to seeing new creepy scary places in 2022!👍🏻

  5. That darn Dr60….
    Its not that evps are not possible on the thing: its just any decent capture will always have a big question over it due to its flaw.
    Kudos though for actually going out there tho and recording live. I haven't visited a lot of Paranormal channels for a while…
    Best wishes
    From that Paranormal critique with a motor mouth.

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