Poopcano versus METEOR!? Cities Skylines!

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Engitopia returns as this time I find the natural disasters in Cities Skylines and attempt to take out the Architects for good. Then I attempt to create a new industry area using a bridge or two (hundred) in Cities Skylines!

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  1. The road layout in your new industrial area looks like a collection of gentlemen's sausages. A lot of cock fighting going on there.

  2. Being from a family of where me and my dad are engineers and my mom an architect, I can completely understand your relationship with architects 😂😂😂

  3. Pleaaassseeeee upload more of these. People clearly want more city building videos. The views show this clearly

  4. This video reminds me of a brand new car park that was built locally, to such a high standard that all the drains are at high parts. So when it rains, the water only starts to drain after the car park has flooded completely. Brilliant.

  5. I am ComicMan the ARCHITECT and I have designed every building in the city. I am glad that you have rebuilt my house, and I no longer need to wear an astronaut suit whenever I sleep. Sure I live in the middle of the suage, but I am still happy.

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