Looks like her name is Beauty ❤️ and she is so beautiful 😍. – Takis Shelter

Looks like her name is Beauty ❤️ and she is so beautiful 😍. - Takis Shelter
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No chain. No cage. No kill. – Takis Shelter

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  1. This doggie is sooooo adorable!
    From the first moment I saw her I'm totally in love with her!!
    She has stolen my heart in only one second 😃😃

  2. I think Beauty . These name for her. Она нереальная красавица. Как ее выбросили???? Я думаю скоро ее удочеряет . Она долго не задержится в приюте !!!😇🙏

  3. Come on all you lovely people from Germany, Finland and the Netherlands! One of you can give this darling girl a forever home.

  4. Could you put a short video like 2 seconds that we can leave it open all night so we can help you
    I am from syria i can not donat money
    I will leave it open all night every night and a lot of people can use it to help you
    Please i would like to help
    And thank you sooo much

  5. If it's between Bella & Beauty, how about… "Betty" (White)? An animal lover and longtime adoption activist, as well as an actress & comedienne, she lived to almost 100. What a way to end another difficult year, may she now RIP … surrounded by her own beloved pets (and many others in heaven, I'm sure!) 🌈💕🐶

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